K11 opens in Shanghai!


Hands up who thought there was just one K11 Art Mall in the world – the one in our very own Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong? Well, you’re wrong. Since the end of June, K11 has expanded its reach across the border and has opened a sister mall in Shanghai. And it’s one of the most impressive malls on the continent –different to the one we have here at home and absolutely breathtaking in places. If you’re a shopping traveller, it’s time to jet over to Shanghai, head to Huangpu District and soak up the world’s second amazing K11 Art Mall.

Continuing the K11 concept values of art, people and nature, this new Shanghainese mall is truly magnificent. It’s still a shopping centre in essence – but it’s also a farm, an art haven, a dining emporium and a natural wonder in the heart of the city. And it’s setting the standard for a raft of new K11 openings across China in the coming years, each with its own identity and each building upon the successful K11 concept. But it’s time you made the trip to the Shanghai model, which is already a hive of activity with its top of the line luxury shops, unique art exhibitions and delicious restaurants sporting an eclectic range of cuisines.

Intelligently designed, the K11 Art Mall in Shanghai is an urban oasis. With ‘green walls’ covered in plants and other greenery, and an urban farm, a cascading waterfall and the scent of flowers in the air, the space emanates nature at its best. While you’re immersed in the environment, take the time to stroll through the large art spaces dedicated to established and upcoming artists from around the world. Creativity flows throughout the entire mall, from the neat sustainable artwork on every floor to interactive video games for shoppers to enjoy. Combining the K11 values, the creative journey of culture, art, nature and interaction between locals and visitors makes this place a truly unique experience.

Current showcases being featured at the K11 in Shanghai include interactive art pieces, thought-provoking videos and beautiful sculptures and paintings. Standouts include the cast copper piece Wretched War by Damien Hirst that evokes conflict and war, interpretations of Andy Warhol by Lee Leenam and the interactive multimedia video by island6 that replies with a text message to people who call the shopping fashionista who appears on the screen. K11 is a unique venue for these art pieces as they are shown in an environment exposed to many people among various forms of media and art interpretation.

Wretched War by Damien Hirst

You won’t go hungry at K11 as there’s a multitude of restaurants to choose from. Restaurants range from traditional Chinese cuisine and Italian pizzas to Japanese teppanyaki and Spanish tapas. Your only problem is deciding which restaurant to eat at. A unique dining concept in the mall includes g+ The Urban Harvest, which grows its own vegetables – including mushrooms and wheatgrass. With the farm-to-table concept implemented right in front of your eyes in the mall, this unique dining experience allows you to see your food before it’s prepared for your enjoyment!

If you’re in the Shanghai area, make sure you take a trip to K11 Art Mall for a luxurious escape into a fascinating environment. With many activities to do – from dining and shopping to interactive art showcases – you won’t be able to experience all of this together anywhere else in Shanghai.

Shanghai K11 Art Mall, 300 Huaihai Road Central, Huangpu District, Shanghai. +8621 2310 3188; shanghaik11.com/k11web.


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