Editor's picks

K-Pop Star Hunt

We speak to two HK hopefuls about their chances of making it big in the latest series of K-Pop Star Hunt

Empress Dowager Cixi

The Wild Swans author explores the life and times of the empress Cixi

Hong Kong International Literary Festi

Ysabelle Cheung dons her reading cap to bring you this year’s highlights

Mini-residency public events

Get writing with City University's esteemed writing tutors

Hong Kong's Top 10... TV Soaps

Cantonese TV soaps. Aiya!

Jeff Fuchs

Marisa Cannon asks adventurer-at-large Jeff Fuchs about his upcoming second book on a forgotten Tibetan trade route

Dexter’s best kills

We say goodbye to Dexter Morgan and reminisce about his best kills as the final season of Dexter hits screens

Rae Armantrout interview

The poet talks ghosts with Time Out Hong Kong

Adam Johnson interview

The Pulitzer Prize winner visits Hong Kong

The Newsroom

Ysabelle Cheung reports on Season 2 of Aaron Sorkin’s controversial drama

Imagining Alexandria by Louis de Berni

HK brings out the poetic side of the Captain Corelli’s Mandolin author

Manifest destiny by Jason Sylvester

The new book preaching the atheist word

Hung Kuen Fundamentals: Fok Fu Kuen

This new kung fu manual is bidding to keep the discipline alive and kicking

Hong Kong Book Fair

Athena Chiu looks at the exciting events at this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair

My Private China

Alex Kuo tells Matt Fleming his new book looks at ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ in modern China

Kelly Falconer

HK manuscript maven Kelly Falconer has started up a major new Asian literary agency

Chan Koonchung

The Fat Years author tells us about his new book and his visions for China

Justice Kemal Bokhary book launch!

Kelly and Walsh welcomes the law man

Thou art worthy

Caroline Ha Thuc tells Lisa Cam that we have a unique contemporary art scene in HK

Empty Playgrounds

Paul Strahan evaluates the future of mankind

Andrew Woodward is back...

Andrew Woodward is back with The Silverbird's Sign!

A criminal mind

Matt Fleming investigates Duncan Jepson's forthcoming detective series in a 'dark' Hong Kong

Tan Twan Eng scoops Man Asian!

The Malaysian reigns supreme in Asia

Grandmaster Flesh

The tale of a martial arts hero

Douglas Jaffe: Chasing Dragons

New novel on Hong Kong and Chinese mythology

Paul Blaney: Handover

The British author talks about his book on expat adventures

Constant gardener

Tan Twan Eng's new book

In the Shadow of the Noonday Gun

Exploring the seedy days of Hong Kong's colonial era

Unchartered territory

Kowloon: Unknown Territory explores the beauty of the 'dark side'

Man Asian longlist announced!

Time Out Hong Kong is the first to release the news

Joyeux anniversaire

Parenthèses toasts 25 years in Hong Kong

Tram lines

François Boucher and his wild Wan Chai drama

Horror stories

Charles Emmons gives you goosebumps

Lit prize seeks new sponsors

New dawn for the Man Asian

Chet chat

Biographer Matthew Ruddick talks to Sung Bale about the musical genius of Chet Baker

The burning issue

On the trail of a killer with Andrew Woodward