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The summer is nearly here and there’s no better way to spend it than relaxing on one of Hong Kong’s sandy beaches or on a boat with your friends. So, now is the time to get your body into shape and ready to bare your best bikini body! Using unique techniques and strategies, Hypoxi focuses on attacking the body’s ‘problem’ areas with long-term effectiveness to have you in great shape all summer long.

With techniques for both men and women, Hypoxi offers options such as the S10 and L250 machine for the ladies – an upright and horizontal exercise bike that encases the body with a vacuum to apply negative and positive pressure on the body’s trouble areas. Not only does the bike claim to help burn fat in muscles, but it promises toned legs and a perkier behind, too. The Hypoxi Vacunaut is designed for guys after that perfect six pack. This unique mechanism attacks the fat in the abdominal and hip region while jogging or running on a treadmill, to aid in eliminating stubborn fat deposits.

Hypoxi also offers the Hypoxi-Dermology machine, which is said to aid in beautiful, firmer, younger looking skin. Using a combination of techniques from cupping to compression, this machine massages the body to eliminate signs of aging.

The perfect routine combined with a sensible diet is all you need to get yourself beach body for the summer. But with celebrity fans such as Madonna and Cheryl Cole, Hypoxi certainly helps get into tip-top shape. 

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