Christmas gift guide: For the arty farty


1 Cowboys, Indians and tragedy 

Capture the Flag The Domestication of All Things

It’s one of the greatest regrets in American history portrayed with powerful lines and striking hues – leaving us to ponder and remember. $3,000, Above Second, 31 Eastern St, 3483 7950; 


2 Carved with Chinese flair

Chinese Carved Calligraphy Stand

Hand carved from African rosewood, this stand provides a beautiful rest and display for calligraphy brushes. A gift for a friend who appreciates Chinese art. $328, Etsy; 


3 Eco date keeper


Carelendar is a recycled traditional Chinese paper calendar with eco-friendly tips on each date to remind you of how to be more environmentally conscious. A cultural and meaningful gift produced by the Conservancy Association. $160;


4 Sketch art

Fashionary x Swash Sketchbook

This limited edition sketchbook features digital artwork from Toshio Yamanaka and Sarah Swash. $209; 


5 If you can’t tell them to get lost…

Visual Editions Where You Are

This collection of new writings, photos and drawings explores the concept of how, despite all the mapping we do today, we have no clear sense of where we are in life. It’s a deep exploration into our existence. $400; 


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