Eight seasonal hairdos, as recommended by a quartet of HK’s top stylists.


Arthur Tam highlights eight seasonal hairdos, as recommended by a quartet of the city’s top stylists. 



Girls: Braids are all the rage on the runway these days – and there’s a great emphasis on looser twists, too. In this look, the hair is parted and the braiding is on one side to create an easy, elegant and ethereal appearance. Styling cream is used to add texture to the look and clay to hold it all together.

Guys: This is the guy-next-door look, with clean-cut sides and a perfectly slicked subtle pomadour. Strut down the streets and feel confident with this ultra chic and well-scultped look. All it takes is a bit of styling cream and hairspray to achieve.

Stylist: Dior Tsoi
Location: Salon Spectrum, 3/F, Honytex Bldg, 22 Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2468 2562; facebook.com/salonspectrum.
Price: $600 (women’s styling), $500 (men’s cut and styling).



Girls: For girls who love K-pop, hip-hop and Harajuku style – this is the look for you. The locks are first cut, coloured and hydrated with hair lotion before the braiding process begins. While twisting the braids, the stylist inserts malleable wires so they can be moved in all directions for an added element of playfulness. The style is finished with gel to achieve a wet look and then hairspray to hold the shape.

Guys: This blonde mop top achieves that disaffected ‘just got out of bed look’, which goes well with guys who have a gritty, punkish attitude. The hair is coloured in two blonde tones – platinum and honey – to create a captivating, contrasting detail. Afterwards, the hair is cut into a textured bob and finished with volumising powder before being held with hairspray.

Stylist: Haffman Cheng
Location: Salon L, B/F, China Minmetals Tower, 79 Chatham Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2369 0666; salon-l.com.
Price: $1,200-$800 (women’s cut and styling), $600-$450 (men’s cut and styling), $1,000-$600 (colouring).



Girls: Add a bit of class to your winter look with a simple, textured, naturally appearing wave. All it takes is curlers and hairspray and the look is complete. Rest the hair over one shoulder for a demure feel.

Guys: You can’t go wrong with a prim, proper and well-tapered look that’s fit for work – or a posh night out. The highlights of this style are the careful fades around the sides and the sleek finish up top.

Stylist: Porky Chu
Location: Salon Boku, Rm 2101, Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan, 3151 7575; facebook.com/pages/salonboku.

Price: $400 (women’s styling), $440 (men’s cut and styling).



Girls: This look is edgy-yet-sophisticated and suits the modern day gal. The hair is first bleached and then highlights are added to show off a captivating variegation of alternating blonde hues. And for added intensity, the stylist creates an under-shave and a straight edge cut to achieve a textured asymmetrical bob that’s finished with a blow dry session and hairspray to set the shape.

Guys: Having trouble getting that extra volume needed for your flat, fine hair? Why not opt for a perm? Adding subtle waves and texture to a man’s hair can make all the difference between casual and polished. This look does just that with an outlined shave to complete the overall appearance.

Stylist: Roy Yung
Location: Nova, 10/F, Century Square, 1-13 D’Aguilar St, Central, 2525 9339; salonnova.hk.
Price: $2,230 (women’s colouring), $1,380 (women’s cut and styling), $1,380 (men’s perm), $1,200 (cut and styling).


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