Hong Kong Tailor guide


Gentlemen – searching for that debonair and dapper look? Arthur Tam recommends the right tailor for you. Photography by Calvin Sit


Dandy and affordable

Hola’s ambience makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to a clandestine speakeasy of the Prohibition era, where drinks flow and the haberdashery never ends. If you need a suit to match your whiskey, this is the place to go. Select from a handsome variety of patterned and dandy ready-to-wear suits, or speak to designer Raymond Lun for something tailor-made. 

“I want men to dress with a bit more class,” says Lun. “These days, if you notice, grooms and groomsmen wear hideous suits. I want to fix that.” Lun has been a menswear designer for years and decided to take on Daniel Yu, a tailor with 30 years of experience, to look after the fits and cuts for orders that come back from their workshop. Because of Hola’s obscure location in the alleys of Haven Street, they are able to price their suits from an affordable $1,980. That’s a steal when it comes to tailor-made quality. Besides suits, Hola also offers a variety of accessories that range from bow ties, belts and their own line of shoes.
Hola, G/F, 17/A Haven St, 2870 0245; facebook.com/holaclassic.

Shirts: $480-$380.

Suits: $4,200-$1,980.

Duration: Three to four weeks.  



Hip and curated

Hong Kong has long been known for quality old-school tailors that are true to their craft. Unfortunately, they don’t always follow current trends, which is why Cuffs founder Ian Fong came up with his store. “Our value proposition is our designer style and custom fit,” says Fong. “I used to get frustrated when I tried communicating with my tailor. Sometimes the fabrics I wanted were not available or the tailor didn’t understand the design. With Cuffs, I’m setting out to be a custom emporium.”

When you walk into Cuffs, you immediately see a rack of curated fabrics – mostly sourced from Sham Shui Po – and an option board detailing the choices on making your custom shirt. Customers can choose everything from: fabrics, collars (wide spread, straight point, slim, button-down) cuffs, trims, buttons, plackets (normal, French) and fit (classic, tailored, super slim). Cuffs constantly updates its choices of fabrics and buttons for a fresh look and even does collaborations for prints, like its recent one with GOD. The next step for Cuffs is to develop the suit side of the business with the help of guest designers, curating the material list as well as collaborating on fits and styling. Cuffs, 3/F, 27 Lee Garden Rd, Causeway Bay, 2413 6033; cuffs.hk.

Shirts: $650-$430, $30-$20 for additional details.

Suits: $9,000-$3,500.

Duration: 10 days for shirts, three weeks for suits.


Raja Fashions

The mainstay

With three generations and 60 years of experience, Raja Fashions has been one of Hong Kong’s longest standing bespoke tailors, and has earned a global reputation with the motto ‘perfection, elegance and splendour’. Raja oversees its own workshops, enlists top tailors and also boasts the largest collection of fabrics in town – 20,000, we’re told. “We also have an impressive product range,” says director of Raja Fashions, Divya Daswani. “Raja Fashions offers an extraordinary array of unique items, such as suits with embedded platinum or gold stripes, quarter-ounce pure-gold coin buttons and opulent Indian and fusion-style outfits for both men and women with dazzling accessories to complement the ensemble.” 

For customers and tourists who are in a rush but still want a tailor-made suit, Raja can offer a 24-hour turnover. Go in during the morning, pick out what you want, return several hours later for a fitting and you’ll have your completed garment the following morning. Raja Fashions, 2/F, Cammer Commercial Bldg, 30-32 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2311 5612; raja-fashions.com.

Shirts: $4,500-$380.

Suits: $8,880-$3,880.

Duration: Two to three days.


The Armoury

Top of the line class

If you’re a guy who’s seriously into the art of bespoke and artisanal suits, then you need to check out the services at The Armoury. They fly in tailors from the esteemed doorsteps of Florence’s Liverano & Liverano or Naples’ Orazio Luciano so you can experience the authentic Italian-made treatment. “It’s what we specialise in,” says store manager Jake Grantham. “We want our customers to have that human interaction with their tailors, which is also why we host different trunk shows that feature a variety of artisans that specialise in items like shoes, trousers, and even umbrellas to come and introduce their expertise.” 

The craftsmanship, the know-how and dedication offered at The Armoury is unparallelled and, if you’re willing to wait nine months, you are going to probably get the best suit money can buy. But besides their bespoke services, they offer a ready-to-wear collection as well as tailor-made options that usually take two months or so for completion. On top of that, their stylishly sleek store is lined with accessories that range from shoes, cufflinks, suspenders, belts and basically everything you need to walk out looking like a gentleman. The Armoury, 307 Pedder Bldg, 12 Pedder St, Central,
2810 4990; thearmoury.com.

Shirts: $3,000-$1,400.

Suits: $55,000-$10,000.

Duration: Two to nine months.


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