Punk Essentials


Hair: Zap Tang @ Xenter
Model: Li Meng de Bakker


Never mind the bollocks – this look pays homage to where it all began. A nifty union jack sweater paired with leather leggings, platforms and a distressed biker vest gives off a hard London look that Viv would be proud of.

Doris Q biker vest $2,772; tikka-boutique.com.
Religion Union Jack sweater $1,589; religionclothing.com.uk.
Saint Laurent leather tights $26,000; ysl.com.

Get a little wild when it comes to punk shoes. Whether it’s a pair of sleek luxury boots or a far-out pair of tri-coloured platforms – the point is to wear something that truly stands out. Shocking colours, metal adornments and elevation are a good place to start. 


Dr Martens lane patent boot $1,139; drmartens.com
Saint Laurent buckle booties $8,650; ysl.com.
Dr Martens silver sneakers $1,059; drmartens.com.
Moonspoon saloon platforms $4,580; kniq.com.hk.
Charlotte Olympia pin heels @ Blitz $11,900; lanecrawford.com.

Spikes and studs are the way to go when it comes to styling a punk look. If it doesn’t look slightly painful then it’s not punk. And don’t forget the DIY element. If you look like you’re wearing something made from your run of the mill household items – a telephone cable perhaps – then you’re heading in the right direction.

Double M telephone cable necklace $1,950; offthewall.com.
Maria Francesca Pepe rings $1,800-$1,090; facebook.com/walkonwater.
Crezus spiked bracelet $1,989; magentahongkong.com.

Having a denim jacket is a punk essential. Pass on classic cuts and go for something worn, torn, distressed or in this case – black denim with studded spikes.

CC Skye necklace $1,577; the9thmuse.com.
Ivory Jar catgirl jacket $1,200; offthewall.com.

You can’t have punk without plaid. The intensity of the Scottish might have something to do with it or maybe it’s all about the colours and textures in a good tartan which symbolise the untamable attitude of punk. We take this plaid dress skirt and add a studded varsity jacket to create a masculine proportion and a tough-looking silhouette.

Ivory Jar varsity jacket $1,690; offthewall.com.
Doris Q plaid skirt $1,485; tikka-boutique.com.

A punktress needs a bag for her heavy eyeliners and lipsticks. Opt for any variety of handbag, satchel or backpack – but make sure it has some metal, chains plaid or patent leather features.

Moschino tartan satchel $15,100; moschinoboutique.com.
ASSK studded drawstring backpack $2,030; offthewall.com.
Chanel chained handbag $40,100; chanel.com.



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