The It list: This season's top 10 must-haves


Lanvin message necklace

Although many beautiful items were proudly displayed during Lanvin’s A/W13 show, the most impressive pieces were undoubtedly the series of necklaces that adorned the models’ necks, as the Parisian label decided to lift spirits during the gloomy months ahead with delightfully optimistic messages of joy and hope.

$9,800, Lanvin Boutique, Shop 3, New Henry House, 10 Ice House St, Central, 2205 0013;

Chanel chain boots

When Karl Lagerfeld debuted Chanel’s latest patent-leather boots in Paris, girls around the world considered getting a motorcycle just to match the look. The boots are embellished with the iconic Chanel straps that drape effortlessly on the front side of the boots. Pair them with the matching Chanel leather leggings to create an illusion of thigh-high boots and longer legs.

$16,800, available mid-September at Chanel Boutique, Shop 337, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 2918 1108; 

Rolex Popeye Yachtmaster

Last year, when Dr Romanelli and the Bamford Watch Department collaborated to create the Rolex Yachtmaster featuring everyone’s favourite cartoon sailor, Popeye, the limited edition piece flew off the shelves. Due to popular demand, the collaboration watch returns, now updated with an 18K gold exterior. However, only 10 pieces are produced for retail and are only available online, so if you’re dying to get Popeye on your arm, don’t hesitate.

Price available upon request through the Bamford Watch Department;

Givency bambi sweatchirt

Every Disney fanatic’s dreams came true when Givenchy released its Bambi-printed sweatshirt in Paris. The adorable print and floral lace caught the attention of magazines worldwide when former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld debuted the look. The sweatshirt has also been famously worn by Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy’s sensuous black-and-white ads. These days any graphic print from Givenchy, whether it be ravaging Rottweilers or Madonna Antigona, have become a must-have items for fashionistas. 

$10,200, Givenchy, 1/F, Shop 142, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui,
2735 2361;

Marc Jacobs mesh LBD

It was a show-stopping moment when Miley Cyrus debuted Marc Jacobs’ punky mesh gown at the recent Met Gala. The gutsy songstress turned heads when she showed up in this sheer, body-hugging number with her short blonde locks and bright red lipstick – even the most gossipy tabloids took a break from their usual story-spinning to admire the look. The sister party dress is shorter to allow more casual flexibility while maintaining the original’s badass spirit. Punk and 90s grunge is what this autumn/winter season is all about.

$44,900, Marc Jacobs, Shop 220-221, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Rd C, Central, 2523 3324;

Balenciaga panelled multi-coloured high-tops

If the purpose of modern sneakers is to seamlessly transition a man from day to night, then Balenciaga’s panelled multi-coloured high-tops certainly fit the bill. While the refined leather textures establish it as a shoe for formal occasions, its bright and contrasted colours add a modern flavour to the traditional suit-and-tie look. Furthermore, a cushioned interior guarantees all-day comfort so that businessmen around the globe don’t have to worry about an outfit change when they leave the office for the club.

$4,400, Balenciaga, Shop 1021, Elements, 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, 2673 0618;

Tom Ford's Jennifer Bag

This deceptively normal flap-top bag has more star power than you might expect. Not only was it named after designer Tom Ford’s celebrity BFF, Jennifer Aniston, but it was also at the centre of a firestorm of controversy between Oprah Winfrey and a Zurich sales clerk, who allegedly refused to show her the  bag for racial reasons. Sure enough, the bags have been selling like hotcakes since. The most expensive alligator model (sought after by Winfrey and priced at $300,000) is already sold out in Hong Kong, but you can purchase other versions of the bag, such as the suede cross-body for a mere $24,900.

Tom Ford, Shop 2049, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St, Central, 2234 7802;

Christian Dior Monsieur ring

‘The ring was the size of my fist!’ is a phrase that doesn’t get much more literal than this. Christian Dior’s latest rose-gold ring dons
a giant pearl that has its heart set on grabbing attention. The designers took a modern approach to the classic pearl ring by using a jagged cage to keep the jewel in place. Sure, it looks a little heavy, but it’ll be worth carrying around just to say you have the hottest accessory around your finger, right?

$4,600, Dior, Store G14,
The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Rd C, Central, 2162 8008;

Zaha Hadid heels

Who would you entrust with the mission of creating an innovative and unique pair of shoes? An architect known for her futuristic building designs, of course! Zaha Hadid has partnered with the shoe designers at United Nude to produce these space-age heels that are sure to impress with a chromed vinyl rubber exterior. Furthermore, Hadid maintains that the shoes’ rubber soles and fibreglass heel make them  comfortable and steady for a night out.



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