Six Spots we love inside... Island Beverly


1 October 1
This spot sticks out more than others in Island Beverly owing to the fact that it separates itself from the rows of shops carrying shockingly bright coloured items. October 1 emphasises neutral and natural colours that are perfect for the fashionista who doesn’t need to wear something bold and over-the-top to make a statement. It carries clothes, shoes and bags designed by Korean label October 1, as well as numerous other trendy brands. Shop 867, UG/F, 2890 2822.

2 Minime Unusually
Like yourself? Love yourself, in fact? Pop into this store then and get a personalised hand-made mini bobble head doll or figurine which is modelled on – you guessed it – you. These amusing little figures can be used as gifts, be placed on top of a wedding cake or just sit on your bedside table reminding you of how great you really are (in miniature). They come with a theme of your choice and are modelled on any photograph you provide. Production is completed within two weeks. Prices range from $650 for one figure to $1,450 for a pair and discounts are available for bulk orders. The resemblance is uncanny! Shop 133, 1/F, 3113 5860;

3 KuKwai House
Belly rings, nipple rings, earrings and jewellery galore. This shop pops out as you tunnel your way through the Island Beverly maze as it’s the only one of its kind in the centre. Step inside to get everything from your ears, nipples and even legs pierced. Earlobe stretching, anyone? Choose from thousands of pieces to adorn your body. Prices go from $50 for a simple ear piece and up to $650 for nipple and tongue pieces. Let out your inner rocker and brave the needle! Shop 221, 2/F, 2396 1951;

4 Tamago
The only way to describe this find is ‘busy and random’. It sells everything and anything including the penis straws you often see popping up at hen parties, as well as lots of other penis paraphernalia, camera lenses, Hello Kitty head-shaped mugs, LED clocks, Care Bears stuffed toys, drinking games, skull-shaped shot glasses, Simpsons toys and My Little Pony figurines. As we said – random. This is quite a good spot to venture into if you are looking for a funny, silly or small gift as well as pointless but hilarious supplies for hens and stags. Shop 252, 2/F, 3480 8016.

5 Cork and Candy
Newly opened, Cork and Candy is an eco-designer creation with eco-friendly bags, accessories and shoes. They make their trendy bags out of cork from Portugal and also sell ergonomic plastic shoes, Oka.B, from the States that act as a form of foot reflexology. You can also expect to find minimalist clothing brand Monsan, Harveys seatbelt bags and French accessories label Batucada. The Nahui Ollin candy wrapper bags are another example of the eco-friendliness of this creative and unconventional company. Shop 337, 3/F, 2805 6238;

6 Seven
Catering to both men and women, Seven is a shoe shop with a difference. Customers can choose from any style of shoe and any style of leather, and then mix and match to their liking. Select from lots of different qualities and styles of leather, colour, sole material and laces to make the perfect shoe. It takes two to three weeks to complete a pair and prices range from $599 to $3,000. Walk out with a smile on your face… Shop 336, 3/F, 2730 2738.  

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