High tech sex toys


Forget dildos, blow-up dolls and simple internet porn – sex toys are embracing technology. Cat Kiely checks out a dozen playful (and wacky) gadgets leading the way

1. Hello Touch

Like a sex power glove

Few sex toys look more high tech than this futuristic gadget. Worn on your hand, the Hello Touch is armed with two pads that deliver vibrations from your fingertips – with the speed and power of the vibrations determined by how hard or soft you push. It's small, light and waterproof, meaning it can be used all over the body. And the design is pretty sleek too – not that you'd probably want to be wearing this out in public.

$504; jimmyjane.com.

2. Stronic Drei

A toy... with a pulse

It's about time vibrators got a little more realistic – and the Stronic Drei is leading the charge. It's got a thrusting function, pulses as well as vibrates, can be used by both genders and is designed to stimulate the g-spot as well as the clitoris. The toy uses a rhythmic back and forth motion to give a realistic experience to the user and the slower it goes the more intense the feeling. It can be used to both lightly stimulate or for a full-on sexual experience.

$1,590 from Sally's Toy, Rm 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central, 3175 7408; sallystoy.com.

3. Vault App

For all you dodgy cheaters

This is an app for those of you who have something extra on the side. It can hide text messages, videos, contacts and photos from suspicious partners. It backs all of these up into a cloud so that you don't have to delete anything and so you still have it all if you lose your phone so those racy messages and photos are kept safe and sound. The premium version also takes a photo of anyone who tries to break into it and enters the wrong password. Seriously, what has the world come to?!

Free from Google Play and iTunes.

4. Sexy Vibes app

Turn your phone into a vibrator

Yes, phones vibrate. So it's no surprise that there are several vibrator apps on the market. Sexy Vibes is one of the most popular, turning your phone into an orgasmatron, which can be customised myriad ways. Looking for an intense stimulation? Set the app to 'Washing Machine' vibe. Want something a little more everyday and mundane? Go for 'train ride'. You can also create your own good vibrations as well and share them with your friends. Yes, you read that right – share them with your friends.

Free via Google Play, $7.50 from iTunes.

5. Imtoy

Screen simulator

Has masturbating become too much effort? Well, this wireless toy, which boasts a threesome of motors, 30 different vibrational combinations and can be used with smartphones and tablets, may be what you need. Its biggest sell is its ability to mimic what's happening in porn films, meaning you can simulate the stimulations occurring on screen. It also has customisable controls so that you can set your favourite patterns and vibrations.

$1,000; imtoy.com.

6. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H

Good vibrations

Ever get aroused by the vibrations of your favourite clubbing anthems? Or the sultry voice of your partner? Well, this vibrator is for you. It comes in two parts: the discreet little vibrator, which is designed to slip into some specially created underwear (included in the package, FYI), and a remote control, equipped with a wireless mic, which picks up any sultry sounds and sends over pulses and vibrations to its sister device. Perfect for some discreet fun.

$620 from Sally's Toy, Rm 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central, 3175 7408; sallystoy.com.

7. Sqweel2

A tongue Ferris wheel

We challenge any guy to compete with this oral sex simulator: 10 silicon tongues, three speeds, reversible spinning, an intense flicking function that rocks the wheel back and forth – it's like a non-stop downtown carousel. It also comes in the colours of pink/white and pink/black. We recommend lube for this one.

$590 from Showtime Concepts, 2/F Shama Place, 30 Hollywood Rd, Soho, Central, 2530 3309; showtimeconcepts.com.

8. RealDoll

For when a blowup isn't realistic enough

If any of you have seen that show, My Strange Addiction, then you'll know about this one. Basically, this is a very high tech sex doll. Alarmingly lifelike, the RealDoll comes with an even more alarming customisability. Into blondes? Choose your hair colour. Have a particular racial penchant? Choose a skin colour. You can customise all elements, from gender, height, weight and breast size, right down to shoe size. And if you have a bit more of a niche obsession, you can also get dolls made to look like vampires, Star Wars characters or whatever tickles your fancy – one for all you Wookiee fetishists. They don't come cheap – but, then again, we hear they're lifelong companions.

$46,000, realdoll.com.

9. Mojowijo

A Wii stimulation

There really seems to be no limits to what you can do with a Nintendo Wii – and with this motion-activated massager, you can turn it into a virtual play machine. This impressive piece of technology – the first of its kind, apparently, and featuring a device for him and her – attaches to a Nintendo Wii remote which is then connected via bluetooth to your PC, and sends the motions made on one controller to another remote Mojowijo device. Ideal for long-distance relationships.

$923 for one, $1,776 for a set of two; mojowijo.com.

10. RealTouch

Like you're in a porno

Ever wanted to be in the porn flick you're watching? Well, this masturbation simulator is designed to do precisely that, synchronising the movements of the pornstars on screen. Not only does it tighten and squeeze, it also features a function which releases lube at strategic moments and heating elements that warm up to body temperature to give users realistic sensations.

$1,543; realtouch.com.

11. Nexus Revo 2

Prostate massager (not a hairdryer)

It vibrates, rotates, pulses and is entirely water resistant – apparently, a golden combination for anyone looking for an orgasmic prostate massage. This masculinely designed device features both a rotating shaft as well as a vibrating motor at its base, meaning you can combine stimulation for both the perineum and prostate. Choose from six different modes of rotation speed and vibration speed and intensity.

$1,499 from Sally's Toy, Rm 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central, 3175 7408; sallystoy.com.

12. Kiss Transmission Device

A Japanese lip-smacking machine

Okay, this is weird. But it's also fascinating. Invented in Japan (we were surprised…), this peculiar kissing simulator caters for couples doing long distance relationships, allowing them to French kiss over the internet. You put the gadget's straw-like plastic tube in your mouth and then rotate it with your tongue, à la a kiss. This is then transmitted over the web and your partner, who also has the device in their mouth, receives the pattern via their straw. Sounds hot, right? This is still being developed by students at Japan's University of Electro-Communications, so isn't on sale yet. But stay tuned.



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