Six spots we love in...Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai


1 Green Ladies
Established in 2008, this charming little thrift store is connected to charity house St James’ Settlement and aims to promote a green standpoint by trading secondhand clothing and consåequently running its business on recycling. The shop employs middle-aged women who might otherwise struggle to find a position in the workplace due to age discrimination. It sells shoes, bags, jewellery and a range of vintage clothes. We spotted a real Miu Miu perched on one of the tables and the price tag was a steal! St James’ Settlement Headquarters, 85 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, 2831 3204;

2 Ceramics Workshop
Ceramics Workshop serves as a rehabilitation programme selling an array of different ceramic works created by St James’ Settlement members with disabilities. They are trained in ceramics and then go on to work on their own innovative and skilled creations. The workshop has been around for 14 years and they have a variety of classes like saori weaving, where the beautiful Japanese weaving technique is used to make colourful scarves. Many of the ceramic pieces are featured in exhibitions and the money made goes to both the artists and back into the company to keep this wonderful concept going.
G/F, St James’ Settlement Headquarters, 85 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, 2831 3299.

3 The Chinese Timekeeper
The Chinese Timekeeper is a boutique watch shop with exceptionally crafted pieces that blend modernity and traditional Chinese aesthetics. Each year a special edition timepiece is released which corresponds with the Chinese Zodiac for that year. What is also unique about Chinese Timekeeper is its use of jade and white jade to detail its watches, which is practically unheard of in the world of watchmaking.
82 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, 2893 2382;

4 Hong Kong House of Stories
This spot is filled with historical relics that have a story about Hong Kong’s past. It displays instruments, old chairs and sofas, bikes, posters, baskets, albums and a slew of other treasures, some of which you can buy and some you can’t. If you too have a good story to tell about your Hong Kong upbringing, you will be rewarded with a nice cup of Chinese herbal tea in its Blue House Café. There are different activities every Thursday including movies and art classes and, from time-to-time, art exhibitions.
74 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, 2117 5850;

5 Tai Lung Fung 大龍鳳
Want to get away from the mayhem of Lockhart Road and LKF? Come to Tai Lung Fung. This favourite spot for many is tucked away on one of Stone Nullah’s side streets and has a funky and trendy vibe that gives a nod to Hong Kong’s historical aesthetic. This is a great spot to meet for a drink after work or to start off your Friday night with a few friends. Happy hours practically go on all day from 12pm to 9pm with an aptly-named signature cocktail called ‘One More Please’, which consists of apricot brandy, peach and strawberry puree and white wine. Sounds delectably dangerous!
5 Hing Wan St, Wan Chai, 2572 0055.

6 Me Plus Café
Me Plus is a suitable little spot for grabbing a quick bite or a coffee after checking out Stone Nullah or the historical Blue House. This cosy café, which sports a slight 50s feel, serves food from breakfast time onwards at a reasonable price – including a breakfast for $28, lunchtime sandwiches at $34 and a selection of tea sets. You can grab a coffee here and flavour it with any syrup of your choice from the bottles lined up on the counter.
H2, 1A Kennedy Rd, Wan Chai, 5499 2555;


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