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Alienware 14
This powerful gaming laptop has a 14-inch screen with anti-glare LCD display so that gamers can battle it out in any lighting condition. The laptop uses full voltage, quad-core fourth generation Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics and can support up to three storage drives. Customise the surface of this wicked-looking laptop with up to 20 different colours in 10 different zones until it really does look like it comes from outer space. $15,999;

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar with Hidden Camera
While this phone booth may not fulfil your dream to travel through space and time, it can provide you with cookies that have (probably) been to another dimension. Anyone who wishes to deprive you of this little comfort will be caught on the hidden camera that takes up to 16GB of colour video. The camera is also great for defending your home against enemy Time Lords or just for seeing what’s going on in your domain, but be careful – you never know who else might be watching.

Animal Crossing: A New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS
This new addition to the real-time simulation game series – revamped with stereoscopic 3D graphics, addictive activities and quirky animal characters – makes living in your own virtual town even more wonderfully life-consuming. Act as mayor and build public works and new attractions, such as a nightclub or a police station. Upgrade your house from a dingy tent to the castle of your dreams. Travel to a tropical island or eat some fortune cookies to get exclusive Nintendo furniture and costumes in-game. Just be aware that your real life may get forgotten. $300 at video game stores citywide including Union Laser Vision & Video Centre, Shop 239, 2/F, Prince’s Bldg, 2521 6266.

Sound Blaster Evo ZxR
Lose yourself completely in the digital world of movies, music and gaming with these new wireless headphones from Creative. The headphones, coming out this month, greatly enhance the clarity of your sound, picking out dialogue from background music, while actively cancelling out outside noise. The built-in microphone is hidden, yet uses CrystalVoice technology to make your taunts, tactics and Skype conversations clear to get their point across. $2,488;

Smartphone Security Sensor
Protect against robbers and scatter-brained episodes with this lightweight sensor that connects wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad. An alarm will go off from both the sensor and your phone when they are separated by more than the distance that you choose. Clip the sensor to your pocket to be alerted to the theft of your phone, use it to find your phone if it gets misplaced or, conversely, clip the sensor to another valuable, such as luggage or wandering children. $538.96;


Hop on Pop – Dr Seuss
Help your little ones learn to read with Dr Seuss’ easy rhymes and iconic illustrations. The interactive book can read out loud and turn pages, or just highlight the words for more advanced bookworms.
$15.45 from Google Play.

NERD ALERT: You’ll need this even more than you need a ‘thneed’.

Despicable Me – Minion Rush

Gru’s lovable yellow minions are back with all the nonsense you love. In preparation for the next movie, race across a super-villain lab, dodge obstacles and collect bananas to be the best yellow minion in the bunch.
Free from Google Play and iTunes.

NERD ALERT: Can you learn their language?

Performance Stretching

This workout app gives clear audio and video instructions on how to stretch properly, without putting too much strain on your body. It’s great for warming up before sports and cooling down afterwards to prevent injury.
$23 from iTunes.

NERD ALERT: Get ready for the gun show.





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