Top summer makeup products


Arthur Tam recommends some top makeup products to help you sparkle at all those summer parties. Art direction by Jeroen Brulez. Photography by Calvin Sit.


1. Sakura blush
Cherry blossom perfection

The sakura-inspired palette consists of pastel hues that give you a fresh and clean look. Look beautiful and delicate, like a cherry blossom.
$350, Guerlain;


2. Sheer red lipstick
Scarlet bombshell

Every good girl needs to show off her bad side and what better way than with a stick of luscious red lipstick? The Giorgio Armani collection has the perfect shade for a spicy party.
$260, Giorgio Armani;


3. Illuminating powder

Pink shimmer
Add a touch of pink sparkle to brighten up your skin. A simple swish of magic. Apply sparingly for a natural look.
$320, Estée Lauder;


4. Golden gloss
The Midas touch

Live your life like it's golden with a few drips of velvety gloss that's been touched by Midas. If you go gold, pair with some black eye shadow for a glamorous look.
$190, Shu Uemura;



5. High definition corrector
Clear and simple

We can't always look flawless, so it's a good idea to carry a concealer to hide those imperfections.
$300, Guerlain;



6. Polishing brush
Even out

A quality polishing brush is essential and with Becca's fine bristles, your cheeks look smooth and even. Take the brush and use it as a finishing touch to even things out.
$650, Becca,



7. Illuminating pearl powder
Seraphim sublime

Give your face an angelic complexion by brightening dull areas up with fresh pinks and purples. The silver pearls create more radiant-looking skin. Simply take the puff applicator and gently pat around the face.
$440, Guerlain;



8. SPF 15 foundation
Flawless base

Before applying any colour, you need a good foundation to smooth out the skin as well creating a base for powdery pigments. Mac's SPF 15 foundation not only provides protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays, it's also long-lasting and light.
$340, Mac;



9. Luxe eye palette
Eye popper

Make those peepers really pop with a silvery gleam from Bobbi Brown's luxe eye palette. Blend your own combination to achieve a rich and captivating tone.
$520, Bobbi Brown;


10. Blender brush
Blending in

Use the Bobbi Brown blender brush to combine the desired colour palette and apply the first layer of powder.
$450, Bobbi Brown;


11. Supreme shine lipstick
Orange radiance

Hopefully the sun will come out soon, but if it doesn't, add a bit of that orange glow to your lips. It may help perk up some dampened spirits.
$210, Shu Uemura;


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