Six spots we love in... Cheung Chau


1 Rainbow Café
What’s not to love about a café that serves all-day breakfasts, yummy desserts and fresh macarons? Rainbow Café has it all – the treats, the vibe and the location. Go chill out in its cosy and comfy space and indulge in a delightful platter of waffles, bacon and sausages while washing it all down with a cleansing smoothie. 63 San Hing Praya St, 6938 4433;

2 Shing Fat Lung Fishing Equipment
Cheung Chau Island is a great place to cast a rod and go fishing. However, don’t expect to find many stores around selling gear. Luckily, Shing Fat Lung Fishing Equipment is a store located just along the pier and sells top quality fishing equipment, which includes rods, hooks, reels and bait. Everything you need to haul in the big fish. 17C Pak She Praya Rd; 2981 4113.

Unleash your inner musical skills and jam with a true islander’s instrument – the ukulele. At GVS you’ll find walls lined with stylish and colourful ukuleles as well as a few acoustic guitars trickled in. Don’t know how to play a ukulele but want to start? Lessons with instructors are only $500-$600 for four sessions. Stay calm and pluck. 38 San Hing St, 2981 7581;

4 Goldpig
How does transforming your old ragged clothes into a bag sound? Goldpig is a shop created by the Cheung family who are experts in making handmade customised bags. Whether you take an old piece of cloth or choose from a fabric selection at the shop, the Cheung sisters can transform them into a cute tote, messenger bag or even a backpack. A great way to turn something used and forgotten into something new, revitalised, fun
and useful. 43 San Hing St; 2981 2788.

5 So Nice HK
A small island wouldn’t be complete without a super hip and cool bohemian shop. So Nice HK is located right in the middle of Cheung Chau and it can be seen from afar because of its bright and floral exterior. The store is overflowing with hippie bags, maxi dresses, shoes, home accessories and even hookahs! All the goods are imported from Pakistan, India, Nepal and Thailand. G/F, 118 Hing Lung Main St.

6 Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre
Make your Cheung Chau experience more thrilling at one of Hong Kong’s best windsurfing spots. The Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre offers individual and group windsurfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle surfing courses for beginners and advanced individuals. And to make it more fun, CCWC has an outdoor bistro, where you can relax, have drinks and eat while listening to good funky lounge music. 118 Hak Pai Rd, 2981 8316;


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