Six spots we love in... Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai


1 Incredible
Once you walk into the store, you’ll notice the unique cabin-type feel with wooden planks lining the floors and walls. Its concept is to offer simple, eco-friendly, yet stylish garments made from vintage fabrics. It carries a variety of international brands like UEG, Fidelity and Champion, sold exclusively at Incredible. The styles of the pieces are a mix between street-fashion and blue-collar chic. Think stiff denims, textured and distress-dyed sweatshirts, colour-blocked backpacks and essential basics. If you’re looking for a more casual, basic, street look, then Incredible is the perfect place to stop by. 4 Sau Wa Fong, 2529 8638;

2 Igloo Homeware
Top quality furniture made out of solid oak and walnut woods with a fine fabric finish and simple urban-looking lamps and pendant lights imported from Japan and Sweden are the staple items at Igloo Homeware. The shop consciously carries items that are suitable for the kind of space problems we have to deal with in Hong Kong. You will mostly find minimalistic, streamlined, aesthetic furniture pieces that will help open up the space of your home and give it a neat and clean look. 26 Sau Wa Fong, 2520 0580;

3 Architectz Factory
Whether you’re looking for gifts, home décor items or collectibles, Architectz Factory is home to a select variety of vintage furniture, houseware, books and a slew of gadgets. The store is brimming with cool and amusing throwback gems that liven up any room – nothing beats old-school items that bring up good old vibes. You can also grab a cup of coffee or tea and chill out on the shop’s tranquil patio. A shop with a blissful escape – awesome. 27 Sau Wa Fong St, 2536 4788;

4 Sonjia
Sonjia is a Hong Kong-based designer who creates bohemian chic ready-to-wear women’s clothing. Her shop actually doubles as her workshop where she and her team cut and sew on the spot to create one-of-a-kind pieces for each of her designs. So yes, all of the items you see in the store really are unique. 31 Sau Wa Fong, 2529 6223;

5 Odd One Out
This is an art agency, gallery, café and retail store which is a platform for young artists who hail from all over the world. The agency’s goal is to represent the ‘true meaning of art and culture’ in a way that the younger generations can appreciate and embrace. It likes to incorporate art into everyday items such as cups, teapots, bags and stationery, as well as purchasable screen and woodcut prints. That should get the young ones interested… 34 Sau Wa Fong, 2529 3955;

6 Delstore
Tucked away on a small side street of Sau Wa Fong is a two-storey men’s clothing store that offers the best in Japanese street fashion. Apparently Eason Chan has dropped by before to try on a few Japanese dyed denims, oversized coats and pairs of industrial worker boots. The store keeps itself in a minimalist chic style while displaying a range of shirts, trousers, backpacks, jeans and shoes in muted tones – perfect for everyday wear. 3 Schooner St, 2528 1770;


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