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One of Tokyo's best department stores reopens and transforms into a 'fashion museum'

When it comes to fashion, food, arts and just about anything under the (rising) sun, look no further than Japan's premier department store, Isetan Shinjuku. The emporium of all things classy and Japanese has just reopened its doors in Shinjuku, and it has created an eye-catching concept for its new-look store. It's now a 'fashion museum' – and with this fresh focus on style, Isetan hopes to inspire customers, bringing endless possibilities to their shopping experiences.

A new line-up of Tokyo-based designers have been creating the pieces in the store – and customers have already been picking up the styles on offer. And, of course, the extensive ranges of well-known luxury labels are still there at Isetan. Must-see areas include the new 'park' locations which situated in 21 different places around the store. These spots showcase the latest fashion trends as well as other items to customers who are browsing through the store. These concept areas also offer outfit suggestions and help shoppers make new discoveries. Isetan reopened its store in a colourful way and to huge crowds. Music legend Ryuichi Sakamoto even created an original song – Music for Fashion Museum – for the department store to mark the occasion. There are some superb upcoming events as well, which include top fashion designers like Jenny Fax Farm and Dokidoki Harajuku. And watch out for special pop-up stores too.

Photo by Kishin Shinoyama, Artwork by Kohei Nawa

Isetan Shinjuku is also releasing a visual guidebook, Future Curation, to mark the reopening of the department store. This art book includes six chapters of interviews and photographs describing the store's new museum concept of fusing art and fashion together. The book has interviews with Beatrix Ruff, Yohji Yamamoto, Carsten Nicolai and Abake as they discuss the topic of curating fashion and art. Isetan also has a new muse, model MONA, to epitomise the concept and ethos of the fashion museum and what the store stands for in terms of style. To present MONA, photographer Kishin Shinoyama and contemporary artist Kohei Nawa are collaborating to create a 3D scan of the model, turning her into a majestic magnified mannequin.

All in all, Isetan's 'fashion museum' concept aspires to create a place where the store can share fashion possibilities with its shoppers. But, of course, don't forget about all of the other goods on offer, like the food, the artistic pieces and the restaurants. It's an exciting time for Isetan Shinjuku. It's a time for fashion!

Isetan Shinjuku, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,

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