Six spots we love in... Metroplaza, Kwai Chung


Danni Lam discovers the fun trinkets in the New Territories shopping hub.

1 United Square Plus
In United Square Plus, you will find up to 80 little square-shaped stalls selling a variety of adorable knick knacks from different vendors. They have a brilliant concept of renting out each square to promote a diversity of products while allowing vendors to save on egregious rent prices from having their own store. You can find all sorts of quirky little things here, including fashion accessories from Korea and England, charming music boxes, funky clocks, colourful purses and an array of other trinkets, making this space an ideal place for gift hunting. Shop 340 D&E, 3106 0101.

2 Artistic Gallery
The Artistic Gallery looks more like a gallery than a boutique with the way the items are displayed – hence its name, we suppose. All the items here, from maxi dresses to scarves, are imported from Nepal. Distinctive Nepalese-style prints, patterns, fringes and embroidery details seep through to all the clothing here. For those of you who want to go for that boho-chic style, this boutique has all the right pieces and accessories to achieve a look that even Zooey Deschanel would be proud of. Shop 340M, 3/F, 2424 9838.

3 80M Bus Model Shop
This is a paradise for those of us who like to geek out to public transportation collectibles. You can find hundreds of different bus models here including the famous ‘hot dog’ buses that we bid farewell to last year. Collectibles, however, don’t just end at the borders of Hong Kong. You can also find red double-decker buses from London in addition to other transportation vehicles like planes and trams. If you want to know something about the history of public transportation in Hong Kong, there is a collection of books that can guide you, in addition to the invaluable knowledge of the staff working there. Shop 342G, 3/F, 2722 4227;

4 Daisy Satta
It would be difficult to resist taking a glimpse at this boutique with all of its shimmering, super-girly accessories. Daisy Satta specialises in diamond, silver and crystal accessories that are all designed and made in Italy. Neatly displayed under the limelight, the dazzling little fine pieces easily spark a woman’s desire for jewellery. Whether you need to shine in a party or simply go on a sweet date, this is the place that can add a little magic to your look. Shop 256, 2/F, 2110 4512;

5 Four Season Tailor
Every gentleman should have his own unique and well-fitted suit that exudes confidence and success. At Four Season Tailor, you can choose from more than 1,000 different kinds of fabrics imported from Britain and Italy. It’s not easy to figure out your own perfect match of pattern, colour and cutting, but the experienced tailors here are more than happy to give you advice. A full suit takes two weeks to finish. All suits are handmade in their factory in Tsim Sha Tsui. Now suit up and take the world by charge. Shop 235, 2/F, 2426 0309.

6 Shanghai Yiu Fung
You probably wouldn’t be able to imagine how a simple preserved plum could actually have 10 different flavours until you taste them here. The store has an impressive collection of Chinese snacks of the finest quality. Other classics like dried tangerine peel and shredded squid can all be found, looking and tasting better than the versions you usually find at a roadside shop. Kiosk 1, 1/F. 


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