Mizumi at the Wynn Macau



What better way to celebrate a city like Macau, where different cultures intersect, than to have some of the finest Japanese food around at Mizumi? Newly refurbished, the Michelin-star restaurant is located in the award-winning Wynn Macau, and seeks to bring together an all-encompassing Japanese dining experience. In addition to their already excellent sampling of Japanese cuisine, Mizumi has worked together with three Michelin-star consulting chefs from Japan – each a master of a signature Japanese cuisine – to share their experience and knowledge with the resident team creating individual stations geared to serving a select group of customers each. Mizumi's fine dining room is truly one-of-a-kind, offering all three culinary experiences in one convenient location and also accommodates large parties when needed. 

Avid sushi lovers can look forward to Michelin two-star chef Tsutomu Shimamiya’s collaborative effort at Mizumi's stunning sushi station. Founder of the globally acclaimed sushi restaurant chain Sushi Zen, chef Shimamiya works according to the traditional and widely known Edomae sushi tradition, sharing a unique perspective to the Japanese tradition adhered to at Mizumi. 

If you’re looking for something warm and savory, however, tempura master chef Kazuhito Motoyoshi has inspired a station dedicated to this popular style of fried dish. He is best known for his Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, Motoyoshi, a rating the restaurant has held for the last five years. Seasonal vegetables are a favourite of chef Motoyoshi, so guests can expect the perfect balance between a delicate deep fry and the delicious legume within.

No restaurant that claims to represent the best in Japanese food would be complete without a red meat offering, so Mizumi has enlisted the expertise of Michelin-starred chef Junichi Yoshida. A rising star in Japan’s culinary world, he recently gained a Michelin star for his restaurant Ishigaki Yoshida, which has cemented Yoshida’s place among the best of Japanese teppanyaki chefs. The chef's signature Ishigaki Island beef is now flown straight from Japan and served at Mizumi, throwing umami gauntlet down, showing the world some of the best teppanyaki his country has to offer.

Not only is Mizumi bringing in the best in Japanese food, they’re importing only the freshest, best preserved ingredients from all corners of Japan. Abalone from Karatsu, Tuna from Aomori, sea urchin from Hokkaido and, of course, the finest marbled beef from Ishigaki Island – Mizumi is going all out to ensure the finest ingredients are included in each chefs’ custom, artful menus. In addition, the chefs have personally curated their own stations to give each customer an intimate and lively experience. Book soon and sit down to an evening of nothing but the very best in Japanese cuisine.

Mizumi at Wynn Macau Rua Cicade de Sintra, Macau, +853 8986 3663; wynnmacau.com/en/mizumi


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