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We chat with Zaimah Osman, the Trade Commissioner of Matrade Hong Kong about the Malaysia Kitchen Programme as it returns to Hong Kong and expands into Macau. 

Hi Zaimah! The Malaysia Kitchen Programme is back again this year and people are excited to eat. How successful has the program been so far and what do you hope to accomplish?

So far I can say that the Malaysia Kitchen Programme (MKP) has been a very good platform to create awareness of Malaysian cuisine and has increased awareness of many Malaysian products, such as ingredients, pastes and juices, etc. This is inline with our vision, ‘Bringing Malaysia into Every Home’. We hope that with the MKP’s energetic programme we can see more Malaysian cuisine being served at hotels and restaurants, as well as an increasing number of Malaysian food products being sold at retail outlets.

You’ve also expanded into Macau this year with the Malaysia Kitchen Programme at City of Dreams. What made you move into that market? What do you think the response in Macau will be?

The MKP, which is entrusted under Matrade Hong Kong, is for promotion in both markets: Hong Kong and Macau. That’s the reason why we decided to expand into Macau this year, to take advantage of the growing number of new hotels, restaurant and food outlets in Macau. Due to the enthusiasm in the promotion done by City of Dreams (CoD), we believe the response to this event will be tremendous. I hope that with this programme, CoD will source more food products from Malaysia.

Can we expect anything new in the programme and initiative this year? Will we be seeing more Malaysian food products being promoted beyond just restaurants?
For 2015, we have another two remaining programmes under the MKP, which includes a Malaysian Food Promotion collaboration with Satay Inn under Sino Group of Hotels from November 4 to 15, and a Taste of Malaysia Instore Promotion Programme at Wellcome Supermarket between October 30 and November 12. We want to promote more ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook items at the retail outlets while raising the awareness of the different flavours in Malaysian cuisine through various programmes. 

Also, we just recently concluded our participation in the HKTDC Food Expo, which involved five Malaysian companies and 11 Hong Kong importers. More than 100 SKUs [stock keeping units] of Malaysian products were promoted during the five day event. Through food sampling and cooking demonstrations organised during the fair, we received much positive response to our Malaysian food. 

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