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The exciting summer season is approaching and what’s better than throwing that stunning party to celebrate the season in style with one of the best caterers in Hong Kong? With a mouth-watering menu consisting of handcrafted bites, a fine dining dinner party menu, decadent desserts and much more, Gingers has everything you need for the best tasting party in town. We talk to expert caterer Liz Seaton of Gingers catering to learn a bit more about her brilliant career and, of course, throwing that perfect party…

Hey Liz! How did you get your start in the culinary world and what made you expand into catering amazing parties all around Hong Kong?
I’ve always loved cooking and started training as a chef at the age of 16. The thought of working split shifts in hotels and restaurants didn’t appeal to me, therefore I decided to go into catering, which in hindsight still meant working straight shifts but for 16 hours a day! After working many years as a chef in Hong Kong, the opportunity to cater a dinner party came up and the rest is history. I’ve also been asked to cater some great events in Hong Kong, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my incredible team.

What is it like throwing a party in Hong Kong versus any other city you have worked in?
Unfortunately, Hong Kong is lacking in accessible creative venues with facilities. I know in London, New York and Sydney there are fabulous heritage buildings with allocated areas available to set up a kitchen to provide amazing food. However, in saying that, one of the pros of Hong Kong is that it is always easy to get a good group of fun people together which makes for a great party regardless of where you are!

What makes a good caterer?

A good caterer should stand by their guns. By this I mean that due to venue and budget restrictions we should keep our focus and be realistic at all times on the bottom line which is to always try to have a great party!

What are some essential items and must-have tools for every party you cater?
A realistic budget, a good location, and enough notice to be able to create a memorable event.

What has been your favourite event you have catered to date?
It has to be the Heaven and Hell party held on The Peak, designed by the late great Greg Derham. The client’s basement garage was turned into “Hell” decorated with red sofas, serving chili infused vodka, oysters with spicy dressing, and the waiters dressed all in black. “Heaven” was upstairs. The color white was everywhere including the waiter’s uniform and there we served heavenly foods such as very light pavolvas. Greg was a dream to work with!

After catering so many different events, have you noticed any particular food trends?

Bowl food and food stations have been making an appearance over the past few years; both are fine if you have lots of tall bar tables for people to place their drinks when they eat, or if you have 3 hands as they can be a challenge for clients to eat! For food trends, I’ve noticed there’s a lot more interest for organic, sustainable foods, which can be quite challenging in Hong Kong.

What are some important steps in creating the best food experience for all your guests?
It would be ideal to have a fully equipped kitchen with extractor fan as we can cook food at the last minute.

So finally, what is the key to throwing a successful party?
Using a reputable caterer!

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