The Wine Guy Eddie McDougall: Top rose for summer


Illustration by Elis Wilk

 Every summer I get really excited about tasting some of the hottest and juiciest rosé wines on the scene. The wine style is perfect for those trying to beat the heat and get ahead with the rosé trend. Here’s my top five picks for the summer:

1. André Clouet Brut Rosé, Champagne, France NV
Brewed from a 100 percent Pinot Noir, André Clouet is a fantastic expression of a champagne grown by a quirky vintner. The fizzy wine carries an incredibly firm and broad structure that’s powerful to say the least. An intense wine, this champagne is set to rock any summer roof party.
Score: 17/20.
Available at Cuvees;

2. Gérard Bertrand 6ème Sens Rosé, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 2010
This French wine is a class act. The pale salmon colour of this rosé suits me best. From just looking at it, I know it has not been over-extracted, making it tough and overly tannic. The wine is supple, elegant and carries savoury undertones. A wine to start drinking at noon and also something you can stock up on just in case the world runs out of water.
Score: 18/20.
Available at Summergate Wines;

3. André Dezat & Fils Sancerre Rosé, Loire, France 2011
Sancerre: home of dry, mineral-rich and steely Sauvignon Blanc and this wonderful Pinot Noir Rosé. True to the region, it’s dry and savoury with a wonderful fruit-driven substance that’s uplifted by the use of Pinot Noir. All the funky-barnyard and sour cherries can be found in this wine after a little opening up. Rosé this well-made usually comes at three times the price.
Score: 17/20.
Available at Well Spring Wines;

4. County Line Rosé, Anderson Valley, California 2012
Definitely the best rosé out of America to date. I simply just can’t guzzle enough of this wine. The lean and savoury palate is wonderfully balanced with enough texture and length to keep it humming to the end. A great example of an all-star food wine which can handle salt, spice, sourness and so much more. A pleasant surprise and definitely a keeper. Naturally made, so ignore the sediment and slight cloudiness.
Score: 19/20.
Available at ViaPacifica Hong Kong;

5. Rockford Alicante Bouchet, Barossa Valley, Australia 2012
No introduction needed for Rockford, however the Alicante Bouchet may not be so well-known. This varietal originates from the dry Spanish countryside. The round and powerful pink drop is packed with ripe fruit leaving a very long finish which any Aussie wine enthusiast will love! Like most of this producer’s range, this wine sells
out pretty quickly so get it fast. Score: 16/20.
Available at Summergate Wines;

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