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Calling all Malaysian food fans! Get ready to loosen those belts as the Malaysian Kitchen Programme arrives at City of Dreams Macau this summer. The programme features a Malaysian Gourmet Tour filled with decadent surprises available between August 20 and September 30 throughout the hotel’s many restaurants. We chat with executive sous chef Eric Lau of Altira Macau to find out more… 

With such a great wealth of experience, what keeps you inspired in the kitchen?
Throughout my childhood I knew it was impossible to survive without food. Then, when I saw a TV cooking show, a particular chef’s cooking demonstration deeply impressed me. This great impression inspired me, making me want to serve my cooking to a great many people. This emotion grew bigger every day. Eventually, I decided to join the cooking world to become a professional chef.

You specialise in Japanese cuisine, how have you incorporated your techniques into Malaysian cuisine?
Japanese food can be divided into many categories – such as kaiseki or creative modern cooking, like sosaku cuisine. Most importantly, no matter where Japanese food is served, the customer should receive the knowledge with understanding real Japanese cuisine. Same for Malaysian cuisine. For me, it’s not only about following a recipe, but I will personally taste all the sauces and soup bases each time after cooking to maintain consistency. 

Is there a particular must-have ingredient or kitchen tool you need with you at all times?
Yes, I always remember some words from the chef who taught me – for serving fine food, one must have the best ingredients prepared in natural flavors, with simple decoration, served in an exclusive plate, bowl or other tableware. Of course, it’s also necessary to have a complete set of kitchen tools; you need specially designed knives for different uses and methods, too. 

What are some of your favourite dishes you like to create?
I like to create dishes that are colourful and tasteful – from appetizers, cold dishes and sushi to a kaiseki menu – there is something special about each and every one.

Do you have any tips for aspiring chefs?

Work more and learn more – work harder than your colleagues and learn to organise your tasks. 

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