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Calling all Malaysian food fans! Get ready to loosen those belts as the Malaysian Kitchen Programme arrives at City of Dreams Macau this summer. The programme features a Malaysian Gourmet Tour filled with decadent surprises available between August 20 and September 30 throughout the hotel’s many restaurants. We chat with Chef de Cuisine Simon Lee Weng Kong of City of Dreams to find out more… 


What do you think is particularly special about Malaysian cuisine in comparison to other Asian cuisines?
Malaysian cuisine consists of a multi-cultural food element where some food items are modified and combined with other cultures including Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine. For instance, Nyonya cuisine is a mixed and modified version of both Chinese and Malay culture. This is what makes Malaysian cuisine particularly special.

What keeps you inspired in the kitchen?
All my inspiration and spirit in the kitchen comes from my team. As a team leader, I am responsible for teaching my members by using my past experience to guide their performance and build up team spirit so they can create more pleasing and delicious dishes.

Out of the many different styles of Malaysian cuisine, is there a particular dish you favour?
A couple dishes that happen to be my favourite would have to be Malaysian chili crab and traditional Hainan chicken rice.

Do you have a particular must-have ingredient or kitchen tool?
For me, ‘belacan’ is the most important ingredient used to cook Malaysian dishes. ‘Belacan’ is the Malay name for shrimp paste. It can be widely used to cook seafood, vegetables, meat, sambal chili and variety of different curry gravy.

Do you have any tips for aspiring chefs?
Firstly, I believe team cooperation is the most import thing for a person to perform and contribute to making a delicious dish. If a chef is willing to cooperate with other people then it will result in a high performance for everyone. Besides that, it is also important to continue working on self-improvement which is also imperative for any aspiring chef.

Malaysian Gourmet Tour City of Dreams MacauAug 20-Sept 30. For more information visit cityofdreamsmacau.com or call +853 8868 6688. 

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