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Time Out’s own gig series returns for a Christmas instalment featuring three of the city’s hottest. Ahead of the show at K11 (RSVP here), Mark Tjhung catches up with the bands: The Yours, and Fantastic Day


The Yours

With their ever-fashionable aesthetics, charismatic presence and melodic, jangly guitar pop, The Yours have long been Hong Kong’s post-punk kings. After more than seven years at the centre of the city’s indie scene, they finally released their debut album, The Way We Were, last year – cementing their reputation as the city’s top purveyors of Brit-loving, psychedelically leaning retro indie pop.

Describe your own sound:
Our sound is evolving. Right now it’s leaning more towards punk and grunge, which is quite different than the shoegaze/post punk sound that people have been describing us in the past. We’d say the shoegaze and post punk influences are our roots, but they’re just not that obvious now.

Major influences: 
Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag, Suicide, The Cramps – mostly 90s bands.

Favourite song of your band: 
Songs from our brand new album releasing next year. We also like Over, Slip Out and Honey Treats.

Wildest set you’ve played:
The show we did in Shanghai in October was pretty crazy. The show was on Halloween, so we decided to dress as rock icons like Kurt Cobain and J Mascis. But the highlight of the night was our guest drummer Roland doing his best Flea (of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) impression. He was literally naked the whole night.

Christmas cover song of choice:
It’s gotta be a thrash version for Merry F&#$ing Christmas by Mr Garrison in South Park.

Favourite Hong Kong band:
Fantastic Day. We’ve known them for many years and they’ve always been our local favourite.

What you are working on:
We’ve finished writing our second album and just started recording. It’s called Teenagarten and will be released early next year. We’re gonna do a tour to promote it. We’ll let you all know very soon.

Over the last couple of years, has become a central cog of the hipster music scene. They’ve just released their debut album, Afterparty, which brings together all of their dark electropop, and are on a trajectory for big things in the coming year.

Describe your own sound: 
Electropop with a touch of Brit/indie-rock influence mixed with a bit of everything.

Major influences: 
Everything from indie to heavier rock/punk stuff to dance and electro to hip-hop to dancehall and reggae.

Wildest set you’ve played: 
Our first self-organised gig at XXX in 2012. It was so wild that a drunk girl took a dump outside of XXX.

What you’ll be doing at Big Night Out: 
Our usual set: get ready to take the rollercoaster of dancing, then feeling sad and then partying again.

Favourite Hong Kong bands:
Chochukmo, tfvsjs and Sensi Lion.

Plans for next year: 
Hopefully trying to spread our music to a bigger audience in other parts of the world and writing some new material.


Fantastic Day

Reformed and rejuvenated, this C86-loving five-piece have returned with a bang. They reunited earlier this year after four years out, promising to bring all their sunny, luminous throwback pop back. And they have – they release their debut album, Innocent, on Friday December 6.

Describe your own sound: 
Jangle pop.

Favourite song of your band: 
Are You Coming Back?

Wildest set you’ve played:
Chi Wai’s (our guitarist’s) wedding, wearing suits and rocking in front of his relatives. 

Christmas cover song of choice:
Walk Out To Winter by
Aztec Camera.

You’ve just released an album. How would you sum it up?
When you hold it, you’ll have a special feeling.

What’s on the cards for the next year for the band?
Writing more good tunes that make you dance and touch your heart.


Time Out’s Big Night Out K11 Piazza, Fri Dec 13. Tickets: Free, register at  for a free drink and glasses!



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