Time Out Hong Kong Treasure Hunt!


Grab your kids and take them on our special treasure hunt around Wan Chai

The summer holidays are here and the little monsters are bored already? Well, why not take them on our fun-packed Time Out Hong Kong Treasure Hunt to get them out and having a whale of a time? We've put together a walk around Wan Chai – but you and your little ones need to solve the clues to find the treasure! Each clue is more fiendish than the last (actually, it's not – it's been designed with kids as young as five in mind) and there are 10 of them hidden along our trail.

And as for the treasure – that's been sorted! Dymocks, your friendly bookstore, has given us a $200 voucher for the first 10 teams who complete the hunt. Each team (which must contain at least one child under 12!) gets a voucher, plus some other treats on us! Teams can be any size – but we'll of course use our judgement when giving out the prizes, so if a team of eight completes the walk then they can have two prizes!

Do the treasure hunt at any time up until Wednesday July 17, 2013 – but bear this in mind: only the first 10 teams who claim their prize can get the treasure. And the prize can only be collected on Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

There are roads along the way, so be safe. And a smartphone is a plus, as on each clue we've included a QR code so you can take the next one with you. If you don't own a smartphone, take a pad and a pen so you can write it down. The clues are written on stickers but sometimes hidden pretty well.

All that's left to say is – happy hunting! Oh, you're going to need the first clue. Well, here it is…

Clue one
Your mission starts on Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai. There's a big blue place next to a big yellow place in this street. Go to the big blue place and find the friendly animal with the bow-tie!



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