Mystic Point opens!


There's something weird in the waters at Disneyland. Don't believe us? Well, get a load of the newest land, Mystic Point, which just opened on May 17. The third and final land in Hong Kong Disneyland's expansion plan is based around the sprawling property of explorer Lord Henry Mystic, and his 7,000 'rare and precious' artifacts from around the world, which come to life when his monkey, Albert, releases magic dust across the land, transforming Mystic Point into a world of bizarre effects, hallucinations, illusions and just crazy, fantastic visions.
No, really.

The centrepiece of the new land is Mystic Manor, an intimidating Victorian-style mansion containing the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage which takes you on a dark, dizzying and swivelling ride through Lord Henry's now-live house. Throw Danny Elfman's original score into the mix, and you've got a ride that's part ghost-train, part visual-effects feast. But make no mistake: this carriage ride is anything but tame. As Disney's first ride to use radio-frequency identification technology, you'll whip through each enchanted room just in time to dodge darts spewing from tribal totems, and bugs flowing from mummified Egyptian antiquities.

Beyond the manor, Mystic Point contains all those usual amusements you expect from a Disneyland land: photo opportunities (in the Garden of Wonder), performances (in the Mystic Point Freight Depot, which hosts vibrant performances focusing on global cultures) and food (at the gigantic 500-seat Explorer's Club Restaurant, which offers all sorts of exotic worldly grub options from Indonesian to Korean). But the real delights for Mystic Point are really in the manor. Or, perhaps, in the water. Elizabeth Choi

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