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Editor's picks

Throw the perfect party with Gingers
Restaurants & Bars

We talk to pro caterer Liz Seaton of Gingers to get the low down on catering in HK

HK Profile: Rex Tso
Big Smog

Hong Kong's 'Wonder Kid' boxer

Anarchy in the MK
Big Smog

End of music in Sai Yeung Choi St?

SCAD Fine Art Programme

A new fine art painting course marks progress for SCAD

The best food of the year
Restaurants & Bars

We look back on the favourite things we ate in 2013!

60 years of the Macau Grand Prix

As it prepares for its diamond jubilee, we look at the history of the great race

Restaurants & Bars Highlights

Little Burro

This Mexican joint is doing some donkey work in Causeway Bay


Airy alfresco dining in the heart of Causeway Bay

85 South

An authentic barbecue taste of North Carolina

China Tang

Another jewel in the Tang dynasty’s crown

Mekiki no ginji

Sample sensational dishes from across Japan


Modern, hip and hearty Greek cuisine

Film Highlights


Big budget cops-and-robbers actioner starring Andy Lau

The White Storm

A throwback to the golden era of Hong Kong cinema

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Can Jennifer Lawrence survive round two?

Thor: The Dark World

Deeply silly, extremely noisy and enormously entertaining action caper

Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen's latest is a five-star film

The Hong Kong horror film revival

Is the genre on the verge of rising from the dead?