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Raja Gemini, the winner of last year’s third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race – a reality TV show where guys compete to be America’s next top drag queen – is stretching her long legs across the Pacific and coming to Hong Kong for an ‘avant-garde’ performance. The Stateside drag artist, who has Dutch and Indonesian blood, is known for her impeccable chameleon-like transformations, cheeky personality and smash single, Diamond Crowned Queen. You must have heard it. Remember: ‘I’m going to lick on your trigger/Every inch will make you quiver’? Gemini shares her metamorphosing secrets with Time Out and says she’s looking forward to returning to our drag-loving city…

On Hong Kong… I’ve been to HK before and I’ve added it to my list of favourite cities in the world. I love the variety and colour. It’s simply mesmerising with the dramatic landscape and infectious energy emitting from the city. I’m fantasising about a roasted suckling pig… can you please make it happen for me? I love to eat – believe it or not – and Hong Kong equals culinary magic! I’ve always wanted to have a custom-made suit. I hope there’s enough time to visit one of the many brilliant tailors.

On drag life… I don’t think drag is difficult. You just have to be eclectic, worldly, otherworldly and, well, beautiful. I find drag to be therapeutic and stimulating. It’s my escape and I don’t feel that it’s separate. Drag completes me – but it is a killer on the hooves. My feet have suffered from years of high heels. I have no idea what drag is like in Hong Kong but I would assume that it would be stylish and global, like the city.

On avant-garde style… I’m not sure if avant-garde exists any more. In our age of information, there’s very little shock value. I never feel what I wear will cause shock because everyone else will just eventually catch on.

On performing… I plan my shows to reflect who it is I am as a performance artist. I assure you my performance in Hong Kong will be provocative and beautiful. Hopefully I don’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Once, my balls fell out – but I kept dancing, of course!

On weaknesses… I’m overly sensitive and I lack self-control when I shop. And every morning, when I wake up, I’m frantically panicking to look for my iPhone.

On RuPaul’s Drag Race… Life has been amazing after the win. I have
a great fan base and a new obligation to create. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Unfortunately I don’t get to see Ru much these days. Ru is busy doing goddess things like healing lepers and changing water into Chanel No 5.
He is the god of drag!

On nemeses… I have no nemesis. Only myself and the annoying cartoon sounds in my head.

On the future… I have so many things lined up. I love experimenting with music, which is why I have a few new songs that I will sprinkle in between all my other projects. I’m so excited to be able to showcase all of my talents to like-minded people around the world.

On Raja… Raja loves all the beauties and complexities of life. I have confidence and a vivid imagination. And If I may just add – Raja is a fierce fucking bitch! 


Arthur Tam

Kee Club Sat Oct 27 Tickets: avantgart-keeclub.eventbrite.com



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