Suddenly Single


Bryan Yip’s groundbreaking novel Suddenly Single hit Hong Kong shelves nearly 10 years ago and gave the city a jolt with its candid, straightforward perspective into life as a gay man in the 852. Now, theatre company Metro-HoliK Studio is adapting the story and taking it to the stage.

Suddenly Single tells the story of Linus, a gay man in the early 2000s who dumps his long-term boyfriend Jason after catching him in bed with someone else. After Linus’ sudden heartbreak in an emotional first act, the newly-single man discovers how to survive and live on his own. The audience even follows Linus to a local disco where his friends help him to find a new man – we’re told it’s one of the funnier moments in the production.

Despite being only two years young, Metro-HoliK has been keeping busy as Suddenly Single is their fifth production to date. They’re also the team behind last year’s transsexual stage show Lady Samantha, but don’t be too quick to pigeonhole Metro-HoliK as an LGBT-only studio. “We are not interested in queer-focused productions – we are more concerned about minorities in the city,” says director Octavian Chan.

Likewise, Chan hopes that Suddenly Single can attract an audience that is not solely queer-centric, as he believes that love and heartbreak are experiences that anyone – gay, straight or in-between – can relate to. But, unsurprisingly, LGBTs are a strong sector of the audience. “The gay community is very supportive of any events concerning gay culture,” says Chan. And the fact that the show has nearly sold out certainly seems to be a testament to this.

Ami Jones

Suddenly Single runs at the Kwai Tsing Theatre from September 13 to 16. Performed in Cantonese. Tickets:; 2734 9009.



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