Always Forever


Imagine you’re in a long distance relationship, but you can’t ever get to hold your boyfriend up close because he’s just so far away. Then your life is shattered by the devastating news that he has tragically died. It’s enough to send you over the edge. You couldn’t even hold his hand as he breathed his last.

That sort of story is heartbreaking just to hear – but it’s what Hong Kong-based gay rights activist Ansh Das went through last year. It hit him hard, particularly as he couldn’t be there as his boyfriend passed away. But AD, as he’s known, has since gained strength by reliving all the happy and painful moments over again in his latest non-fiction work entitled Always Forever.

AD recollects all the intricate details from his memories of how he almost fell in love with Mikee at first sight to how he walked away from the shadows of Mikee’s sudden death while loving him all along.

Always Forever is written in a casual manner, so don’t expect anything fancy. But the emotions are as genuine as they can get in this personal diary which he dedicates to his most beloved Mikee, whose brief appearance taught him great lessons of love.

People always say love knows no boundaries. But it’s only after AD’s heartfelt words that we truly believe the emotion transcends the distance even between life and death.

John Yip

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