Baby M


Pride season is here again and the boys are preparing to shake their booties in our city’s colourful street parades and fully-charged circuit parties. But this year there’s a fresh face in town who’s joining in the fun. She hails from Japan and her name is Baby M. The blonde singer-songwriter has been revving up all the guys in South Africa, the USA and the Philippines of late – and now she’s bringing her colourful brand of dance, house, reggae and hip-hop to Hong Kong. The diva describes her music as ‘positive and happy’ and says: “I don’t want any dark themes. Maybe I’m just like a rainbow – changing all the time.” We like the sound of that.

A singer identifying herself with a rainbow couldn’t be a more appropriate for gay audiences and it’s no coincidence that Baby M is becoming popular with boys. Her long-time charity work with children in Filipino slums and her HIV relief work in South Africa has led her in the direction of supporting gay rights and equality. “I started at Mr Gay World in South Africa [in April] and that was the first time I was able to sing for gay culture,” she explains. “They really loved me, so I was invited to New York Pride. It was the best experience because there was so much energy there.”

M’s latest dance hit Nai Nai and the soulful ballad Rainy Day featuring Filipino heartthrob Christian Bautista have just been released in the USA on iTunes, bringing the singer one step closer to her goal of creating an international name for herself. She says that much of her musical influence comes from gay culture, in fact. “I know how their life is and how much they suffer – yet they’re always smiling and showing how happy they are. This makes me want to write more songs,” she says. So expect a golden pot of guys shaking their lucky charms at the end of Baby M’s self personified ‘rainbow’ when it touches down in Hong Kong.

Arthur Tam

Catch Baby M at Volume: Beat on Saturday July 28. 


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