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Drag queen Coco Pop lets us into her c

For premier drag queen Coco Pop, preparing for a show is all about the three essential F’s – fierce, fabulous and fun

Plug magazine

Arthur Tam gets hot 'n' sweaty with Timothy Loo and Liam G of new gay magazine, Plug

Pink Season 2013

As Pink Season returns for another year, we check out what to expect for the city's biggest annual series of LGBT events

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festiva

Event director Joe Lam takes us through his must-see flicks

Supporting male sex workers

We learn how community-based organisation Midnight Blue is supporting male sex workers in HK

Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimi

We examine HK’s newest government advisory council on sexual minority rights

Hong Kong's first bear carnival

It’s time for Hong Kong’s first Bear Carnival!


Arthur Tam discovers an international event perfect for those struggling with their sexuality and religious beliefs


Focusing on injustice

Beat the bullies

Arthur Tam talks to the Pink Alliance about its anti-bullying campaign

A new era in equality?

The new chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission on his stance on discrimination

Investing your pink dollar

Finance ace Paul Thompson tells Arthur Tam about the unique fiscal decisions facing LGBT members – and how he can help

Sexual Minorities Forum

A government group which deals with LGBT issues in the SAR isn’t doing its job properly, according to gay rights campaigners.

Norm Yip's Asian Male Photography

Arthur Tam talks to photographer Norm Yip about his stunning depictions of Asian men

The musical Bent

Seasoned thespian Joey Leung talks his persecuted homosexual in Bent

Students for gay rights

Seven HK PolyU student animators were inspired to produce a video in support of gay rights

Gay rights

Arthur Tam gets the LGBT community’s reaction after CY says there’ll be no public consultation over gay rights

On the Game - HK's Gay Sporting Team

Journeys into the world of gay sports, where it’s not all about the whacking, the balls and the big sticks

Born identity

Melvil Poupaud talks to Arthur Tam about his gender transforming role in the film Laurence Anyways

The highs and the lows

Thailand’s Got Talent’s superstar transgender singer Belle Nuntita has one of the most versatile voices in the world.


Cantopop star HOCC tells us why she came out of the closet

What do we want? Equal rights!

LegCo’s decision to deny a government debate on equal rights for sexual minorities has enraged the LGBT community

Sexuality on the Silver Screen

We speak with director Kim Jo Gwang-soo about his opening feature film at the 23rd Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Slice of Life: 5 steps to being gay

Is it really about looking good and hooking up?

In the pink!

Take a peek at the much-awaited return of Pink Season

Love (Of Any Kind) Shows

Capturing different forms or love

Suddenly Single

Self-discovery after heartbreak

Gaysia: queer destinations

Hot Asian getaways for the best gay parties and events

Parental advisory required

Arthur Tam chats to a support group for parents of queer kids

Baby M

The next big circuit queen

Always Forever

Memories of heartbreak

Power to the pink dollar

Getting the biggest bang out of your buck with the LGBT app Pink Dolla

The never-ending battle

Painting the town red with AIDS Concern

A question of sexuality

Discriminatory workplaces for LGBTs

Transgenders: more than meets the eye

Two transgender individuals share their ongoing life transformations

Hail Mary, full of gays

How one church helps religious LGBTs to bolster their faith