Tokyo Fashion Trends (Week 3)


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Style 259
This look is an explosion of colour-contrast-clash. The daring and dashing young lady effortlessly throws together a hobo-chic look consisting of a pimped-out leopard print coat and a gypsy Comme des Garçons shirt and trouser ensemble. Her silver oxfords and cartoon socks add a funky Dr Seuss element while her Aung San Suu Kyi earrings are an overall kickass cool statement, screaming girl power. This chick knows how to put all the wrong things together to make them right.


Style 239
This adorable pixie is putting a splash of education into luxury by turning her plaid Burberry skirt and Saint Laurent clutch into a high street librarian look. She completes the outfit with a plain and simple turtleneck from Muji and a pair of brown leather ankle boots for an overall clean and crisp style.


Style 225
They pretty much look like a fashionable young detective duo. Their all-black outerwear is contrasted by a light-coloured interior layer for a pop of contrast – but, essentially, they stick to a cool incognito look. The gentlemen on the left is styled with a few simple vintage pieces including his shoes and bag, and the fellow on the right wears a pair of distressed George Cox boat shoes and a tan leather Hender Scheme man clutch. Both of these super sleuths are ready to solve a mystery.

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These styles are same as the last article:


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