Tokyo Fashion Trends (Week 2)


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Style 206
These two gents look like they’ve just walked out of a Hong Kong Initial store. Their playful mix of dandy and whimsical channels an overall romantic look. The gentleman on the left goes for a complementing beige two-piece, consisting of a shirt jacket and full drawstring trousers. The play on proportions gives an intriguing silhouette. The outfit is completed with a pair of black leather shoes, green socks, distressed metallic accessories, a bowtie and a blue man clutch. The gentleman on the right wears a similar outfit with an off-white two-piece consisting of an Indian-style blazer and full trousers. The feminine wavy-rimmed hat complements his airy hairstyle and John Lennon glasses with an artistic flair. Though socks and sandals are usually a taboo, the white on white matches well with the overall look.


Style 243
Cocoon coats are all the rage these days – as seen by Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Lanvin. This young lady has chosen one in the sharp electric blue variety that matches her bowler hat for an edgy pop of colour that cuts through the winter drab. To complete the look, she styles herself in a simple graphic shirt, black shorts, white clutch and black shoes to contrast the electric blues. It’s a fierce yet refined overall look.


Style 249
It’s all about the rise of tomboys this season. Women who are inspired by their male counterparts go for masculine attire like this stylish gal. She takes a simple second-hand navy jacket and knitted white sweater and turns them into street chic pieces by styling them with skinny jeans, a grey beanie and tennis shoes. The result is a simple yet approachable urban look.

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