Anja Schneider


Berlin’s ‘perpetual motion machine’ lands in Hong Kong

Berlin-based Anja Schneider began her career on the radio, a medium on which she continues to broadcasts her own show, Dance Under the Blue Moon. Her influential and eclectic two-hour showcase of laid-back beats with dancefloor minimalism, rooted in the classic structures of house and techno, has firmly hooked Berlin’s music-loving masses. As her sounds made their ways to international audiences, Schneider got into producing, and co-founded label Mobilee in 2005, which has hosted the talents of Pan-Pot, Sebo K, Dan Curtin and other cutting-edge artists. The founder, broadcaster and DJ is a veritable triple-threat, rippling her own waves in the techno scene.

Schneider’s debut album on Mobilee, Beyond the Valley, was released in 2008 to critical acclaim. Standard techno tracks elevate into minutes of pure euphoria with wandering, crafty melodies and bold bass build-ups; Schneider distinguishes herself from the hoi polloi with her eclectic combinations of reverbs and strums that create a laid-back energy. The singles Belize and Safari dominated charts and dancefloors worldwide when they were first released. And if that wasn’t enough, Schneider also holds an extensive repertoire of remixes with the likes of labels Dessous, Crosstown Rebels, Soma and BPitch Control under her belt.

To celebrate their fourth anniversary, Push is throwing a dance rave featuring Schneider; her stop at Volar follows her appearance at the GOA 19 Anniversary in Spain and the Rave on Snow festival in Austria. Dub faithful, be prepared to celebrate in the depths of house as Schneider takes over the decks for a night with Push residents Frankie Lam, AKW and Lukas. Jenny Wong

Anja Schneider Volar, Fri Dec 20. Tickets: $150;



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