He’s a man who needs no introduction in the clubbing world – Tijs Michiel Verwest has spun records and mixed tracks under aliases Drumfire and Stray Dog, amongst others, since the late 90s. But one pseudonym rules above them all: Tiësto

The world-renowned DJ brings the party to Hong Kong for a set at the giant DJ festival at AsiaWorld-Expo, alongside Porter Robinson and Yves V. Get ready to put your hands in the air as LED laser robots and special dance acts kick off the wild festivities. We catch up with the global superstar for a chat...

Tiësto! You’ve been called ‘the world’s greatest DJ’. How do you feel about that title?
It’s nice that people say that, but it’s very important to not get caught up
in opinions and rankings. I do this out of the love of music, and it’s what drives me to bring my fans the best possible experiences.

You got your start by DJing other producers’ tunes, but now you mix your own tracks. How does that feel?
It was a really cool feeling when I first mixed my own tracks and records. It adds another dimensionto the live experience.

Where’s the craziest place in the world you’ve performed or partied at?
Right now, my residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas fits that bill!

Is there anyone in the music industry that you’d like to collaborate with?
Well, I’ll be going on a tour of the UK and Ireland with Calvin Harris very soon – that should be awesome. 

Club Life is set to be a huge festival. How do you plan to make it memorable?
I’m really excited because you have amazing dance music fans in Hong Kong. It’s a very special place and deserving of a festival like this. I’ll be bringing my A-game for the crowd. Expect nothing less than the vibe of the best party ever! Ysabelle Cheung

Tiësto, Club Life AsiaWorld-Expo, Tue Oct 1. Tickets: $1,800-$880, hkticketing.com.


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