Far East Movement at China Rouge


We all know the song and we’ve all wondered what a G6 is and what it feels like to get ‘slizzard’. Hip-hop aficionados Far East Movement made a name for themselves back in 2010 with their No 1 track, Like a G6, going on to claim the title as first Asian American group to make the premier place on the Billboard. This month, FM are coming to Macau’s China Rouge to showcase their newest remixes, but most importantly to party… like G6s?

How would you describe the FM ‘sound’?
We call it ‘move mentality’. We like to keep a very experimental and open-minded perspective on music.

What are the influences for your new album? Have you evolved from your last album and breakthrough track, Like a G6? 
We really wanted to make a fusion of old school like Rap X and stuff that we grew up with. Like X, gold chain and boom boxes mixed with dance, electro and pop music today.

Your following in Asia is enormous – how do you feel when you perform here?
When we come here, it feels like being around all the culture and customs that you might have been around when we were kids, but didn’t understand. At first we suffered a little ‘culture shock’, but now we feel at home.

How does the ‘G6’ lifestyle in HK and Asia compare to LA?
We party a lot – whether it’s Hong Kong, Tokyo or Korea, the clubs don’t end and they never close. In LA, it’s very limited; all the clubs close at 2am. You can have an after party, but by then, it’s illegal.

How do you think recent hits from Asia, like Psy, for instance, have impacted the music industry in the US? Do you think the US is ready for groups from Asia?
We’re definitely excited to hear hip-hop by Asian Americans, and Asians gaining recognition in the US. I don’t think anyone could have predicted something like Psy. It’s so hard to say, it’s like every artist is literally one song away from the big one – just one song!

Have you considered doing crossovers with any Asian artists?
We’ve recently been talking to Leehom, and have done a remix for Fortune of the Love by Vivi. We are focusing on China because their new artists are doing a lot of production.

Which artist have you had the most fun working with?
Snoop Dog (aka Snoop Lion)! No disrespect to anybody else, but we were raised in the same neighbourhood and he’s very cool under pressure.

I read that you have a strong business approach to your brand and music – how did you develop this awareness?
We started a few years ago, watching Linkin Park DVDs on how they finished college and did everything for themselves. They realised that they’d have to prove to people that they were worth the time and resources, so we took the same approach.

You’ve been to Hong Kong before. What is your favourite thing about the city?
I love the skyline. LA doesn’t really have a skyline like that and it is just crazy to be on the other side of the world and see so much, in such a fast-moving city.

Far East Movement China Rouge, Fri Sep 20. Tickets: $880-680, macau.com.


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