Nosaj Thing


The musical genius behind creations like Cloud 10 by Kendrick Lamar (who was on the decks during Volar’s re-opening week in July) and Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon is heading to town in the coming days. Jason Chung, better known as his alias Nosaj Thing, performs in Sheung Wan’s Premium Club on August 9 – the day before the new nightspot’s official grand opening.

As a kid, Nosaj Thing had a fervent passion for music. His taste was pretty eclectic, ranging from an appreciation of old school hip-hop to playing in his high school’s drum line. Moreover, he didn’t miss out on the burgeoning drum’n’bass and rave scenes in California. As a result, it’s kinda difficult to put a finger on the genre that best describes Nosaj’s sounds – but it has complex textures that are reminiscent of an impressionist piano influence, while pumping kicks remind us of his roots in hip-hop and electronic music. Still, he’s made his name known in the glitch-hop community, garnering not only an impressive fan following but also recognition from publications like The New Yorker.

Though Nosaj Thing’s recording career had humble beginnings in the demo recording booth of a Pasadena record store where he worked, one of his first tracks, Aquarium, was quickly spotted by Kid Cudi, who used it for his own song, propelling him into worldwide recognition. His debut album, Drift, which also resulted from his time at the record store, received high accolades and a top spot on iTunes’ electronic chart. Since then, Nosaj Thing has released another album, as well as numerous remixes of tracks by artists such as The xx, Radiohead and Drake.

This won’t be your typical party, as ambient accents and eerie moods replace hard-hitting house anthems. If sultry electronic blends are your cup of tea, head on over to the brand-new Premium Club for a night of haunting sounds. James Bien 

Premium Club Fri Aug 9 Tickets: $250;


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