Benoit & Sergio


Not quite Djs. Not quite a band
Some DJs take a few tracks, club them simply together and create an easy mix for the masses. Others slice, splice, scratch and experiment to the max as they attempt to create the next, out-of-the-box dancefloor sensation. DJs Benoit & Sergio belong to this latter group of track-masters. They’re all about innovation and experimentation – and that’s why they’ve rapidly become a success across the clubbing world.

Benjamin Myers and Benoit Simon lived completely separate lives in Washington DC and Berlin respectively until a mutual friend brought them together at a party in the States. They liked each other, started working together and finally debuted in 2009 with the EP What I’ve Lost before producing a handful of tracks including Full Grown Man (2009), Let Me Count the Ways (2011) and Walk and Talk (2012). Each track was a hit and reached the top levels of the charts in DJ Mag, iTunes and Mixmag.

Benoit & Sergio describe their tunes as ‘musical open letters, with each song conveying its own story’. Often the track centres on themes and feelings of loneliness – though you may not, when first listening, notice this due to the groovy fluid beats. The duo draws influences from the New York and Parisian club scenes to create a refined combination of house, electro and techno. The precision of the beats is also a highlight as it tends to capture a sense of detachment without ruining the elegance and fluidity of the music.

If you go for that first category of easy mixes for the masses, then Benoit & Sergio may not be your cup of tea. But for those looking for something moody, chilly and experimental, then knock this duo up when they play the Kee Club this fortnight. No tack. No frills. Just plenty of heart and a unique sound which is only set to get bigger over the coming years. Athena Chiu 

Kee Club Fri Jun 21


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