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The Dutch DJ talks HK parties...

Hi Sander! You've been very busy over the past two years, from your releases like Eleve11 in 2011 and Nothing Inside last year, as well as your latest track Neon. Where do you get your energy from?
From a lot of things, but I think 'music' is the best answer…

Can you name one party you'll never forget?
I remember the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March very well... it was just so crazy and fun! The people were dancing and the sun was shining. It had the whole package for a perfect party!

We understand what the awesome side of being a DJ is like but what are the downsides?
Of course the travelling can be tiring and you spend a lot of time without your friends and family around you. But I feel very honoured that I can do what I do. Luckily it has so many great upsides!

What makes Hong Kong's party culture so unique?
I remember the last time I was here very well. The crowd has an amazing energy and everyone could sing along to my tracks. You guys just know how to party!

Apart from the DJing, what else do you like about Hong Kong?
The culture. It's very different from most places I play. And the amazing skyline of course.

Who do you think will be the world's next big DJ?
There are a few artists I think are doing a great job, such as Julian Jordan, Firebeatz and Lazy Rich.

You've got the fame and you've got your own record label. Is there anything else you want to conquer?
If I can do the same thing that I'm doing now for another 10 years, I would be very happy.

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