Carl Cox and John Digweed


Like Elvis is to rock 'n' roll and The Beatles are to, well, modern music in its entirety, Carl Cox and John Digweed are two names that deserve mega respect when it comes to dance music. These DJs' careers have spanned decades and set the tone for the clubbing scene over the years. And now they've combined forces and are set to play in our city in a new, special Super Hong Kong 'celebratory' party.

At the tender age of 15, during the mid-80s, Carl Cox was already heating things up at bumping venues like legendary club The Haçienda in Manchester, England. His big break came in 1987 when he dropped Acid Trax with Phuture (aka DJ Pierre) and blew the world away with the new sound of acid house – earning him the moniker of 'pioneer' of the music form, as well as 'champion of techno'. In 1999 he created his own label, Intec Records – which, despite closure in 2006, resurfaced in 2010 and has since become a budding success when it comes to discovering underground talents like Yousek and Carlo Lio.

The 80s was also a fruitful decade for John Digweed, who also started DJ-ing at the age of 15. But his real breakthrough didn't come until 1993 when his friend, legendary DJ Sasha, got him a gig at the Renaissance Club in Mansfield, UK. He surprised the world with tracks like Heaven Scent and For What You Dream Of, with the latter score being used in the hit Brit movie Trainspotting. He's reigned supreme in his field ever since.

Without a doubt, Cox and Digweed have been major influences in clubbing scenes across the globe. And the same is true with Hong Kong. When they cook up their classic tunes in the fragrant harbour, it's going to be a power-packed night starring two true legends of dance music. Athena Chiu

W Hong Kong Tue Jun 11


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