Can you hear the people sing? Well it’s not a song of angry men but there is a French Revolution, of sorts, coming this fortnight. The Franco-forces of Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky are invading town with groovy beats under their group and record label name Apollonia. The three DJs have already made a name for themselves individually by influencing the underground Parisian dance scene, but just last year, the long time friends thought it would be a cool idea to combine their collective talents to form a DJ group called Apollonia. The format of their sets consists of each DJ playing one vinyl track each back-to-back for a progressive and integrated sound that usually lasts five hours plus. Get lost in their dance remixes and deep-techno house stylings that are influenced by Californian sounds.

Ghenacia, dubbed as the ‘kingpin’ of the Paris underground, could be said to be the entrepreneurial mastermind behind the group. Spending most of his 20s in California – absorbing its chillaxed, psychedelic vibes – he brought his new found sound to Paris and started up his own label called Freak N’ Chic. After meeting Soundorom and Shonky, he helped propel their break out into the dance music scene. Soundorom went off to be the resident DJ at DC10 Ibiza and remixed Mary Jane Cole’s What They Say, while Shonky has gone on to be a regular in Ibiza and Berlin, dropping hits like Le Velour – a bass line-heavy dance beat that lets you comfortably lay back into the groove.

Now, with Apollonia, the three are able to collaborate and develop their own sounds and careers while creating a platform for other DJs to join the label. Recently Apollonia has helped produce the debut album from house favourites Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez. And later this year the Apollonia team releases its own debut team EP. The trio have gained tremendous momentum in the past year and are now ready to show off their progressive Parisian underground dance beats to Hong Kong crowds.
Arthur Tam

Kee Club Wed Apr 3


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