André Tanneberger, better known as ATB to legions of fans worldwide, has been part of trance since the beginning. Before taking off as a solo artist under the moniker ATB, Tanneberger got his first taste of success by founding and releasing singles with Sequential One – one of the earliest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) groups in the Eurodance scene. But, by the late-90s, two members of the group had abandoned ship, forcing the German DJ to reinvent himself. And so ATB was born.

Then, in 1998, came the smash single, 9pm (Till I Come), which catapulted ATB to the top of the UK singles charts – as well as charting in the top 10 across Europe, America and Australia. The song’s infectious guitar riff – which was unusual at the time – made it an instant and recognisable classic. However, much more was to come, and a staggering 35 million records sold tells the tale of his success over the last two decades.

In the years that followed his debut, the DJ, now 40, racked up 26 gold and 15 platinum albums, fuelled by such anthems as Ecstasy (2004) and Could You Believe (2010), each with more than 10 and 25 million views on single YouTube links, respectively. With a repertoire filled with megahits and different musical styles, ATB has the ability to bring trance to wider audiences. Take his 2009 album, Future Memories, which brought drum and bass to the masses in the high-octane lead single, What About Us.
Energy follows the charismatic DJ wherever he goes, and over his career that includes venues across the globe from South America to Russia. Whether he’s collaborating with world-renowned musicians in the studio – think Moby and Dash Berlin – or performing live in front of thousands of fans, it seems many are still singing his tune. Which tune, you may ask? Try his 2007 single, In Love With the DJ, for starters. Li Meng de Bakker 

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