Ministry of Sound with Shane Patrick


For an up-and-coming electronic dance music artist, closing for Benny Benassi is the stuff of dreams – and DJ Shane Patrick knows what it’s like for dreams to come true, because he did just that for his debut with one of the biggest EDM brands on the planet. Last year, the Ministry of Sound teamed up with Data Transmission (a leading EDM website) to search for their next resident DJ – and that’s when the fairytale for Patrick really began: one hopeful submission later and MoS’ 2012 Resident was crowned.

Following in the footsteps of former resident Michael Woods who, since his 2010 residency, has made a big mark on the EDM scene using the MoS platform, Shane Patrick is just now at the start of what will surely be an exciting career. Spinning out of London, where MoS’ main club is located, the DJ brings an eclecticism and flexibility to his music. In lighter lounge tracks (or openers) his mood is charged with rhythmic intensity while retaining an effortless cool. Progressive house is another comfortable area for the DJ, who seamlessly blends hits from fellow EDM artists with daring and experimental sounds to create sets that appeal to both underground and mainstream sensibilities alike.

The Ministry of Sound launches its international 2013 series by sending their newest talent and Resident DJ, Shane Patrick, to perform in Hong Kong at Magnum Club. If the Ministry – and legends like Benny Benassi and Roger Sanchez (who’s snapped up some of his tracks) – believe in him, why shouldn’t you? Li Meng de Bakker 

Magnum Club Thu Mar 14


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