Ladytron feat Reuben Wu


When DJs Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt met in the 1990s, the first step towards forming Ladytron, the British electro-pop group from Liverpool, had been taken. By 1999, with remaining members Helen Marnie (lead vocals) and Mira Aroyo on board, the band had begun releasing their first records. And the rest – as they say – is history.

Although the group has resisted being classified too narrowly over the years, the overarching genre ‘electro-pop’, which they themselves use, is what best describes Ladytron. In their case, it’s electro production and sounds-meets-pop songwriting, with a retro vocal and visual aesthetic. Among the musical influences that the British group draws from is new wave, a pop/punk rock movement from the 70s and 80s. Ladytron is actually the title of a 1972 Roxy Music track, while He Took Her to a Movie, the lead single from their debut album 604 (2000), was inspired by a 1978 song by German band and electronic music pioneer, Kraftwerk.

The first single to garner international recognition for the group was Playgirl, and they have since produced remixes for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Goldfrapp and Nine Inch Nails, among others. PC and console gamers may recognise Ladytron’s music from the Need for Speed series, including Ghosts (2008) and Sugar (2005), which were featured on the Need for Speed: Undercover and Carbon soundtracks respectively.

Though the whole crew of Ladytron can’t make it to Hong Kong for the coming fortnight, the man of many talents – DJ, photographer, keyboardist, producer and songwriter – Reuben Wu is set to perform. The DJ comes to Hong Kong this March to spin at Fly, and with the kind of creative plurality that Wu embodies, you can expect a set that is progressive, intense and unafraid of sampling the occasional hit that gets everybody on the dancefloor. Li Meng de Bakker 

Fly Fri Mar 15


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