Cosmic Gate


The mid to late-90s hard trance scene saw many a talent emerge from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – DJs who continue to bump dancefloors worldwide 
to this day. Among those whocame of age during the formative years of electronic dance music (EDM) were DJ Tiësto and Cosmic Gate, from Holland and Germany respectively – who are incidentally, represented by Black Hole Records, the record company that Tiësto co-founded.

In those days, EDM was still relatively young, but thanks to pioneers like Cosmic Gate it started to develop into heavy rhythmic kicks, rich basses, reverb and minimalistic melodies that were set to faster and faster tempos. A frenetic 130-150 beats-per-minute average became one of the defining characteristics of the genre – and of trance.
Cosmic Gate, the collaboration between Claus Terhoeven (DJ Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (DJ Bossi), has been spawning club anthems for over a decade, with early smash singles The Drum (1999) and Fire Wire (2001) taking them into the charts. By the group’s third album, Earth Mover (2006), its music had taken on a more complex and increasingly melodic sound, as trance began to reach a wider audience than ever. Then, in 2009, their next release, Sign of the Times (featuring famous EDM vocalist Emma Hewitt on the lead single, Not Enough Time) brought further successes, and new fans, for the dynamic duo.

After 13 years as mainstays in the trance scene, the duo has racked up an impressive range of collaborations, including remixes for the likes of Deadmau5 and Armin Van Buuren, as well as their recent contribution on the Ministry of Sound’s 2012 edition of the Trance Nation series.

A shining beacon of hope for local trance-lovers, the W Hotel continues to bring the very best to Hong Kong by hosting polished veterans Cosmic Gate this March, as they pass through Asia on their world tour. Li Meng de Bakker 

W Hotel Sat Mar 16


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