Nova club review


Hyde has reinvented itself as a club, Nova, and a lounge, Loft. We checked out how the new Lyndhurst Terrace venue has changed and what what it now has to offer...

The location Close to the heart of LKF, but with breathing space and a convenient flow of free taxis.

The door policy Free most nights but it depends whether or not there is a special event going on.

The clientele An international mix in the upstairs lounge, with more locals (and a high girl-to-guy ratio) enjoying the club level below.

The space The upper lounge looks the same as it did in the days of Nova’s predecessor, Hyde. However, renovations in the club area have moved the main bar to the side, opening up the space effectively for dancing. Other changes include backlit wall-panels, white flooring, mirrors and blue neon lights which are enjoyable and on-trend.

The toilets Not much has changed to the general bathroom area. It’s still pretty decent and clean. The VIP room, however, is rumoured to have an epic restroom.

The tunes While cool, lounge-friendly house plays upstairs, the music in the club area below could use more focus – on our visit the DJ spun too many genres, too quickly.

The VIP treatment The VIP room is still under renovations ’til April. It will be open for booking to members and to groups who spend over a certain amount on bottle service.
The verdict With decent drinks, and two distinct vibes (lounge bar with pool tables vs neon-lit club), Nova caters well to both clubbers and lounge-folk. But for some, the déjà-vu moments at Nova might be a few too many. Hopefully by the time of the official grand opening due sometime in mid-April there will be more exciting surprises.
Li Meng de Bakker 


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