Wolfgang Gartner


DJ Wolfgang Gartner claims to work 20 hours-a-day, spending three hours just adding a millisecond of sound to his cutting-edge complextro tunes. Exaggeration much – it does however shine light on the detail and precise layering to his sound. And we’re about to get a decent taste of that craftsmanship here in Hong Kong.

The 30-year-old Californian DJ/producer, born Joey Youngman, first found fame as a deep house DJ, but later quit and created his current stage name in 2008 as he embarked upon a brand new style – complextro – which emphasised heavy baselines, complex synths and rapid beats. But, despite the edgy tunes he produces nowadays, there’s still an occasional hint of soulful rhymes thanks to his past experience in deep house music and his short stint in classical piano.

The DJ has started to make an impression on the scene with a number of remixes for superstars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as well as Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony which gave Beethoven’s classic a dubstep lift and became the highest selling song on Beatport in 2009. However, it was the release of his debut album, Weekend in America, which granted him godlike status in electro-house. Introducing hip-hop into his sounds, Gartner produced the hits Fever featuring will.i.am and the widely acclaimed Illmerica, which has around three million hits on YouTube. The album topped Beatport’s album chart and peaked at second place in iTunes’ dance chart. His face has also been seen at Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival in recent years.

But it’s Gartner’s impressive craftsmanship which really delights his fans. His brand of ‘obsessive-compulsive’ work ethic has got him where he is – and we expect that to continue for his pre-CNY performance. Danni Lam 


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