With young and up-and-coming DJs/producers springing up everywhere, sometimes it’s difficult to discern the wannabes from the true stars. This however, doesn’t seem to be an issue for old-timer DJ Sasha (born Alexander Paul Coe), who has a remixing resumé spanning more than two decades.

The 43-year-old Welsh DJ’s career is a source of envy for anyone trying to break out. He is one of the world’s top ranking DJs, working with the likes of Madonna, The Chemical Brothers and, most recently, Hot Chip for the single Flutes. He received a Grammy nod in 2004 for his remix of Felix da Housecat’s Watching Cars Go By. And as confirmation of his super stardom, Sasha has carried a reputation as an occasional hotel-room trasher.

DJ Sasha started his career at the tender age of 19, experimenting with acid house remixes at legendary Manchester dance venue, The Hacienda. From there, he further dabbled in house and trance remixes before making his debut with Appolonia, followed by his 1993 success, Together, which put Sasha on the UK’s single charts. His major success, however, came when he started collaborating and touring with good pal John Digweed. Together they released Northern Exposure and Northern Exposure 2 under the Ministry of Sound label for a mature collective mix of sounds that blended ambient, house, trance and techno. Ever since then, Sasha has been ranked as one of the Top 10 DJs in the world by DJ Mag.

Even 20 years after breaking out, the now-resident DJ at Ushuaia in Ibiza doesn’t seem to be slowing down and it seems likely he will be on top form for at least another decade. Arthur Tam 

W HOTEL Sat Feb 2


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