Lil Jon


Imitators may have come close over the years but Lil Jon nevertheless remains the embodiment of ‘crunk’. In fact, he’s the man who taught the world what crunk actually means – an eclectic blend of equal parts hip-hop, electro and R&B. A Lil Jon tune is instantly recognisable through the deep and dirty basslines, irresistible drum machine rhythms and the combination of singing and, to put it bluntly, shouting.

Summarising Lil Jon’s career is no easy task. The 41-year-old has been involved in the music industry for almost half of his life. During that time he has filled every position, from DJ to producer to rapper. Right now, he’s a comfortable mix of all three, continuing to create his own tracks while DJing on the road. And, while music remains his main passion, he’s increasingly making steps into the business and media world. He has had a wine label (Little Jonathan Winery), an energy drink (CRUNK!!! – what else?) and a clothing line to his name.

Lil Jon most recently lent his shouting talents to the obnoxiously alcohol-fuelled LMFAO song Shots. And, judging by his enthusiastic showing at Macau’s Club Cubic in April last year, when the performer emptied bottles of Grey Goose by pouring them down lucky crowd members’ throats in between raps with his crew in tow (including his larger-than-life ‘mascot’ Little Jon), we can expect his appearance at Magnum this fortnight to be equally laden in alcohol and other high spirits.

Christopher Wang

Don't miss Lil Jon at Magnum on Tuesday August 7. Tickets are limited at the door. 



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